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Ideas Regarding How Busy Parents Covertly Monitor Their Children While At Work

Air Freshener Hidden Camera with DVR

Today, many careers require a working parent to be available for a client 24/7  so often are need of a caregiver, nanny or babysitter to be in the home. The following story is about a professional working mom…

I am a single mother as well as a freelance interior designer I found a part-time babysitter for when I have projects. She looked like a good girl but I wished to make certain that she could take care of my four-year-old.

I had to keep track of both my kid as well as the caregiver. So, I acquired an air freshener hidden camera to monitor and covertly video record their activities in the home.

I got the idea the moment I was at my brother’s and found him laughing over what looked like home movie films on his laptop. They were of my little nephews playing inside the living room. My sibling said that they were really security videos recorded by his air freshener DVR concealed cameras. It looked like an ordinary plug-in air freshener to me however he stated that it was truly a security video camera with DVR hidden in a phony air freshener.

He explained that hidden cameras are security cameras concealed within everyday items just like real or fake home appliances, tissue boxes, or air fresheners. Hmmm. Something new to suggest to my clients.

He told me that hidden video cameras let you keep track of your children in the home or your employees in the office. Apparently, many types of these kinds of video cameras, like his, let you do this from another location so you can see what is happening even if you are away.

Spy cams usually have their own DVR, he said, so you do not need to connect them to a recording device. They can record straight out of the box. These cameras let you replay videos by connecting the included RCA cable to a TV or equivalent monitor. Or you can insert the offered SD card right into your computer’s SD card reader, like my brother was doing.

He did not waste numerous hours going through empty or useless videos given that his nanny cam has motion-activated recording, so it doesn’t record until it detects motion. Plus, it features motion detection area masking, thus it doesn’t see his cat walk across the floor.

My four year old son is shocked that I know exactly what he has done. He doesn’t know about my air freshener hidden camera monitoring him.

Concealed video cameras and nanny cams are very effective at monitoring what’s taking place in the home while working parents are away at work.

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