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Ideas Regarding How To Protect Your Ideas By Disclosing The Truth

My department in the office often has brainstorming meetings together with boss to come up with ideas to present to our superiors. I truly disapprove that our boss constantly takes our ideas, however, and makes it seem as if they’re her own.

I’m not the only one who feels the same way. My entire team doesn’t like that she is taking the credit for our work. Thus, I made a decision to utilize a spy pen hidden camera to expose her for what she has been doing to us.

Hidden cameras are the ideal tools to use for recording activity discreetly within the home or office. With one, we could catch our boss on camera and show our superiors that she hasn’t been giving credit where credit is due.

Shopping on the web brought me to a pen hidden camera with audio, mini DVR, thumb drive. It is a small camera with DVR which could record both video and also audio. To charge it, I simply need to plug the device into my computer.

Clicking the pen will start the recording, which can go on for up to 2 hours. It could hold 2GB of files and can also be used as a thumb drive to transfer and also store files.

A surveillance camera that comes ready with a DVR may be used right after purchase because it contains its very own recording gadget. Videos can be viewed easily by plugging the SD card, which in this case is built into the camera, into the card reader of a computer.

I feel sure that my pen hidden camera, also a working pen, is the ideal disguise for a security camera for use during our meetings. The other good thing is that I can place this body worn camera to my clothes and let it record secretly from there.

With a spy pen hidden camera, we’ll finally be able to show the other people how are boss is truly like. We wish to have the chance eventually to share our ideas without fear of any individual stealing them.

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