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Inexpensive Portable Bug Detector with Strength Meter

Unfortunately, an illness forced my girlfriend’s father into early retirement. He named his sister as president on the condition that she teach his daughter (my girlfriend) the intricate details of operating the business. But we are discovering now that mentoring aunt doesn’t want his daughter involved in the business. Sadly, there have been meetings in which private personal information is being discussed. These private conversations took place in my girlfriend’s downtown loft, suggesting her home was perhaps bugged. I took the initiative and acquired an inexpensive portable bug detector with strength meter. This small and compact unit can be carried in your pocket or purse for a quick sweep of any area where you believe hidden cameras or microphones are present including public restrooms, hotels, car, dressing rooms and gyms. I discovered that this inexpensive portable bug detector with strength meter is very easy to operate as it immediately sounded an alert that a electronic bug had been detected.

This inexpensive portable bug detector with strength meter tracked down a hidden smoke detector on the ceiling. The inexpensive portable bug detector with strength meter also located a hidden microphone in he bedroom. After some research we discovered that her aunt owned the building where my girlfriend resided, so had complete access to her apartment. My girlfriend invited her business mentor over to the apartment for lunch and confronted the aunt about our findings and a demonstration of how this inexpensive portable bug detector located the bugs. The deceitful aunt denied any knowledge of how the bugs got there but it was obvious she wasn’t being truthful. After sharing our findings with my girlfriend’s father, he was so disgusted he immediately terminated the agreement with his shady sister.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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