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I’ve Done What I Can to Keep Daughter Safe at College

Please consider the concern of  one of  our readers…

Now that my daughter is heading off to college I am starting to worry about her own personal safety.  She will be attending school in a pretty safe area and the campus isn’t known for having a lot of crime, but since she is my little girl I tend to worry about stuff happening to her.  I don’t want her to be walking home from the library at night and get attacked by some kind of robber or rapist who will take advantage of her.  That is my worst nightmare and I want to prevent that from happening at all costs.

So, I am going to sit down with my daughter and have a chat with her about personal security devices and how she can use those to take care of herself while she was at school.  Fortunately she is willing to listen to me about this type of stuff because she is nervous about being on her own, too.  at first I told my daughter that I wasn’t the best idea because someone could end up using the gun on her.  Plus, having a concealed weapon on a university campus probably isn’t legal.  So we decided that we needed to look at personal security devices that she would be able to carry with her around the campus and also be able to use at a moments notice.

I found a web site that sells things that are catered to people like my daughter who are going off to college and I was able to find pepper spray and personal alarms that would help to keep her safe.  I ordered those right away so we could practice using them before she left.  When we got the personal security devices for my daughter we both started examining them to see how they worked and how she would be able to use them in the event of a dangerous situation. I told her that she would have to be careful with using these and to make sure that she knew how they worked.  Since a burglary could occur at her apartment or she could be assaulted on her walk to class in the evening.  I wanted her to be prepared to use these devices at the drop of a hat.  She might not have a lot of time to react to a situation so I told her that if she was going to have to walk alone in a remote area that I wanted her to keep that pepper spray in her hands at all times.  These are dangerous times, research online the many non-lethal personal security devices that’ll keep you or a loved one safe from attackers.

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