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Keeping an Eye on the Kids with a Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

It used to be that if you wanted to put in a nanny cam or hidden camera, you had to somehow connect it to a recording device like a VCR. These days they make a lot of different options that use DVR along with a memory card so you don’t need to worry about doing this. It makes it a lot easier to put your secret camera where you actually want it. One that will fit well in bedrooms is the hidden camera alarm clock.

The hidden camera alarm clock is particularly useful since it is actually a fully functional alarm clock as well as a hidden camera. Most models use motion sensors and only record when there is actually something going on in the room, so you don’t have to waste memory on the card or watch a lot of nothing going on when you decide to see what the camera recorded. You can even set them to ignore motion that takes place low to the ground if you have a pet that would be likely to set it off otherwise.

You can place a hidden camera alarm clock in your children’s room in order to see what happens when you are not there. This means when the children are playing alone or when there is a babysitter or nanny with them. The clock looks like a normal clock, and functions like one as well so no one is likely to suspect that anyone is watching them. This can really give you a lot of peace of mind.

You can also place a hidden camera alarm clock in your own bedroom so that you can tell whether people have been in the room that shouldn’t have been there. This could include your children, or someone who was visiting the house for some reason or another. It could also include an intruder, in which case you would be able to provide the police with a video of the intruder to help them catch the offending party. You would also have a better idea of where to look when you check for missing valuables.

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