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Keeping Handy Tools In Your Car

Much has changed in the world of automobile safety. There are no longer simply engine-powered seats on a set of wheels but instead meticulously designed and made shells which encase drivers and people in a cocoon of protection.

However with regards to accidents absolutely no vehicle is really safe. Sometimes the built-in features meant to protect you may turn out working against you and its in conditions such as these that an auto emergency tool comes in handy.

The very first thing that you should take into account is the seat belt. It is designed to stop you from flying forward in your seat in case of a sudden stop or crash. However in a vehicle accident it may not be possible to disengage the seat belt to free the passenger.

Next are the passenger-side and driver-side windows. In the event that your automobile is submerged fully you might not be able to open the door or break the windows because of the pressure of the water pressing down on them.

The force of the water outside the automobile will usually be more than the pressure within. And the windows are manufactured to not shatter under normal conditions so that special equipment are needed to break it.

I got myself a 4-in-1 vehicle emergency gadget to counter these types of possibilities. It comes equipped with a special razor blade that could cut through seat belts and also a small pointed hammer which is effective at breaking the glass that car windows are made of. Moreover its outfitted with an extra-bright flashlight and blinking emergency light.

Considering that it is compact I can keep it either secured to my dashboard with Velcro straps or in my glove compartment ready to use in the eventuality of an emergency. My friends and relatives have all followed my example and keep an emergency tool inside their cars too.

Nobody wants car accidents to occur and everybody should be responsible enough as drivers to avoid it. If it ever happens though an auto emergency tool could save your life.

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