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Knockout Game Self Defense

Unfortunately, my urban community of St. Louis, MO has a serious problem with completely innocent victims being brutally attacked by teens while simply walking in their neighborhood. The local news media reports the victims were completely blindisded by a punch that came out of nowhere.

Victims report there was no warning or provocation prior to being attacked.  These senseless violent attacks are currently taking place in St. Louis and other urban cities are known as the Knockout Game.

Urban personal defense should include situational awareness which means knowing who is behind you, ahead of you, and to either side of you.  Urban street defense is basically knowing what’s around you at all times.

A dojo self defense scenario where the attacker confronts with a knife or squares off in a boxing guard is not going to prepare you for the realities like the Knockout Game taking place in the streets of St. Louis.

Non-lethal Knockout Game self defense products such as Wildfire Pepper Spray are extremely effective at stopping attacking urban thugs in their tracks.  Super sized pepper spray and pepper spray gel are especially effective against multiple attackers, such as the cowards that participate in the ridiculous Knockout Game.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

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