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Know More With Regards To Stun Guns For Your Protection

Something that every single client should learn is that there are two kinds of stun guns available in the market. The first utilizes wires to cease an attack from a safe distance. The other doesn’t have wires and depends upon physical contact to release the electrical power.

The benefit of a wireless stun gun rests on the reality that nearly all assailants jump their preys and assault them in close distance. This means that a counterattack must be able to be maneuvered in small places. Because of this, a regular stun gun has prongs just 1.5 inches aside.

A stun gun’s effectiveness lies in its ability to incapacitate a bad guy effectively. Electricity is discharged into an attacker’s body that could cause muscle spasms, the loss of control and also discomfort.

Think about walking alone through an alley. Then, a guy comes out of thin air and holds you from behind. It would take just 5 seconds for you to reach into your bag and grab a high voltage stun gun and press it to just about any body part. The mugger drops and you’re free to run away.

This circumstance is not unusual today. Many females are caught off guard and have little to protect themselves with. Owning a wireless stun gun can provide anybody the edge over these crooks.

To raise efficiency, the gap in between the prongs of a wireless stun gun should also be increased. A larger surface area will mean that the electrical energy could flow through the body faster. The Double Trouble stun gun features a 5-inch gap among its 2 prongs, for example, making it far more formidable as compared to other stun guns.

It also happens to come with a convenient nylon strap and carry bag for mobility. With the huge space, the Double Trouble stun gun effectively works as two stun guns with 1.2 million volts of electricity available.

Having a wireless stun gun could mean the difference between coming back home protected and being left in a filthy alley by a mugger.

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