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Legal Less Than Lethal Self Defense Weapons

Women are particularly vulnerable to crime especially if they walk alone at night. Police are not always reliable when an incident or attack occurs, therefore having a self-defense device is mandatory especially for office women in big cities who usually have to go home at night. If you are a working woman or though not but you have a daughter whose job requires her to go home at night then this article will be very useful for you.

The question is “what self-defense tool should be chosen?”

You can find a variety of legal less than lethal self defense weapons on the market but maybe not everything suits for you. For information, tasers, stun guns, sonic weapons and pepper guns must always be on the list. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages but based on our experience, stun guns are the best. Why?

Stun guns have one striking advantage compared to other self-defense tools. Their form is intimidating enough to make everyone think twice about attacking. The tools are very effective as they can send high voltage electric shocks in an instant. Not only the electric shock waves that can paralyze people for a while, the electric current generated is throbbing frightening, very helpful if a woman is attacked by more than one man. But do not worry that these tools can kill because they are legal less than lethal self defense weapons. They can be crippling and intimidating but not killing.

Now imagine if you use tasers or pepper guns. You may have to be as close as possible to the body of the attacker which is very risky. Sonic weapons might make an attacker throw up but for a fast attacking situation, the weapons are not very useful. Using a stun gun you can paralyze your attacker without having to touch him or be so close to him.

Hopefully this article can provide insight for you who want to equip yourself with a powerful weapon but not deadly.

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