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Legal Non Lethal Weapons

Legal non lethal weapons

The police will not be able to protect you the moment you encounter danger, which is why you need to be aware of the most effective self-defense tools to obtain to protect yourself from serious crimes.When you are in the middle of a crime, and especially when you least expect it, you will react in a way that you cannot explain. You will sense a feeling of vulnerability, confusion, and helplessness, which will eventually lead to anger and a complete transformation of your perception of safety.This can all change today. You need to start looking into self-defense products that can protect you from any potential crime. Of all the available products, stun guns are the most widely used.

Stun guns are non-lethal in the sense that they do not result in permanent injury to the body, they only cause attackers to be temporarily immobilized for a period that can last up to one hour. Consider legal non lethal weapons for personal protection.

The benefit here is that you would have plenty of time to escape and seek help. Stun guns are widely used in police departments and security agencies, let alone by regular individuals as a means of self-defense. They have proven to be highly effective in protecting individuals against danger.So how do stun guns work? To cause temporary damage to muscular and neural functions in the body, stun guns operate at a significantly high voltage and low amperage. Stun guns target their voltage and energy on the muscles, causing them to contract rapidly.

This, in turn, causes energy loss and a temporary inability to move.As a result, attackers will be exhausted and unable to move or function properly for a period that could last to 60 minutes. The electric current also causes the attacker to be disoriented, imbalanced and confused without causing any severe damage to the heart or brain.

Furthermore, stun guns cause severe but a temporary pain to an attacker’s neuromuscular system, causing an overwhelming feeling of imbalance. Therefore, by using the device for around two seconds against your attacker, this will inflict severe pain, which will cause the attacker to fall to the ground. Using the device for more than three seconds will create even more pain and confusion.

The period during which the attacker will be unable to move can range between 5 and 60 minutes, which will give you ample time to escape from your crime and call for help. Best of all, stun guns are safe to use and are considered some of the most highly effective self-defense tools available.Having a stun gun by your side will always work to your advantage, provided that you do not abuse it.

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