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Less Lethal Defense Weapons

Less Lethal Defense Weapons

A stun gun is an excellent form of personal protection to defend yourself against a potentially dangerous attack. However, while a stun gun can be utilized through an attackers clothing, it is essential to know that this is not the case when it comes to clothing such as rubber rain jackets.

A stun gun is an ingeniously invented handheld, non-lethal, an electrical device that produces a high voltage to disable an attacker. By directly jabbing the stun gun onto the attacker’s skin an electrical jolt quickly causes a temporary loss of balance as well as mental confusion.

However, even though a stun gun has been designed to stun an attacker when direct contact has been made to the skin, is it possible to achieve the same effective results if you stun an assailant through a down jacket?

The Differences between TASER and Stun Gun Penetration. Both are considered less lethal defense weapons.

A TASER and a stun gun are two different types of self-defense items. A TASER is a device that can be utilized by an attacker from as far as 15 feet, while a stun gun calls for direct contact with an assailant’s body. And yet just because a stun gun requires that direct contact it is still an equally effective self-defense weapon when it becomes a matter of stopping an attack.

A TASER and a stun gun have both been designed so that they are 100 percent effective through regular clothing. Electricity, after all, has no problem penetrating through apparel to reach a person’s body. However, both devices provide different effective results when an individual wants to penetrate an electrical jolt through an attacker’s clothing.

For starters, a stun gun is only able to go through thin layers of clothing such as flannel shirts, t-shirts, denim and down jackets. However when it comes to clothing material such as rubber or thick leather jackets, then stun guns effectiveness is greatly reduced. Rubber is an insulator of electricity which means that it is a type of material that can oppose the flow of electric current. As a result of this when an attacker is wearing rubber or leather clothing, they can resist the stun guns electrical current that is necessary for you to make your escape.

A TASER, on the other hand, can deliver a 50,000 voltage shock and is also able to penetrate up to two inches of clothing with ease, while an individual maintains a safe distance from their assailant.

In essence, even though both a stun gun and a TASER are highly effective self-defense weapons, a TASER is the more effective of the two. While a stun gun can efficiently operate through an attacker’s clothing, such as a down jacket, a stun gun is limited to the number of layers and the type of material that a potential attacker is wearing. A TASER is not. And yet, it is always a better option to have one of these self-defense weapons on hand, instead of being defenseless when an attacker approaches you. Buy less lethal defense weapons that are very effective .

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