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Making Use Of Motion Activated Video Surveillance Products

Wood Frame Mirror Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR

Making use of motion activated video security products to protect property and safeguard families are being purchased online more than ever.

A part of my work as the boss’ secretary is to frequently check the screen connected to the wireless monitoring video camera system. This is a must, especially when something important is going on in various areas of the company, like a major shipment. With a multichannel monitoring setup, I’m able to view what’s taking place anyplace, all simultaneously.

My boss didn’t imagine a surveillance system was necessary for an operation this size. However, the moment it came to his attention we were losing profits here and there, he finally agreed there was a necessity to watch over the premises and also employees. He was not looking for a complex setup, simply something to monitor and also safeguard his hard work.

A security professional buddy suggested a digital video recorder system. Even with little technical knowledge, we could set up security cameras and run it ourselves. The moment the spy cams were placed in the most ideal and discreet spots, they were ready to record, without need for additional computer software installation.

A 8-channel wireless DVR complete system appeared suitable for our purpose. This could adequately cover our small warehouse, the delivery areas as well as important offices or workstations. This came with a stand-alone DVR which could accommodate 8 CCTV cameras.

Even when out of the office, the boss still views what is happening at work thanks to the embedded DVR, which can broadcast videos via Internet wherever he is. Once, while on a business travel, he caught a delivery guy sneaking into unauthorized areas, and quickly had him caught.

There are 4 wired video cameras, installed making use of 100-foot cables, and also several wireless video cameras with corresponding video receivers. All are day/night color video cameras. Under low lighting, we receive clear video footage.

It is the 19-inch screen that I frequently watch when at the office, particularly when we can’t carry out any kind of actual inspection. The system records video for review later on. Or this is easily accessed through the internet.

The boss is also considering a 24-IR weatherproof day/night bullet video camera DVR system for outside the office to supplement our wireless surveillance system.

Motion activated hidden cameras and nanny cams are also proven to be effective for monitoring activities such as brutal home invasions.

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