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Modern Surveillance Technology Is Bringing Working Parents Peace Of Mind

Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR

It’s much easier today for working parents to monitor what’s going on in the home when your not there…

I’m a single  mother of two children. As much as I would like to turn into a hands-on mother, I have to work long hours. I have no idea exactly how other moms do it but I could never have sufficient time for both my little ones and also my work. While I usually stay late at work, I devote most of the time being concerned about my children’s safety.

Lately, on top of employing a sitter, I made a decision to get a hidden surveillance video camera to ensure that I could keep an eye on her every move around my little ones. It would be the best way for me to keep tabs on my children when I was out.

Now, it has always been a habit of mine to ask around just before I choose what item to get.

My boss, a mother herself, recounted that a nanny camera inside a functioning alarm clock had uncovered her babysitter’s lax behavior. Given that her alarm clock concealed video camera had a built-in digital video recorder, she did not need to worry about having to set up the unit because it worked as easily as a plug and play device.

I met another single mother during a Parents – Teachers Association assembly, that started informing me regarding her nanny’s inappropriate behavior that had been captured on video.

She used a security camera which doubled as a fully working wall clock. Since this wall clock covert camera was a wireless video camera, she did not need to deal with cabling issues, That appeared all very difficult.

As I truly planned to set up the surveillance video camera during my children’s room, I figured a clothes hook hidden video camera with motion-activated video recording would be the best fit. If I set this to record only once movement was discovered, this would eliminate the need for me to screen through blank hours of footage.

While nothing surpasses close supervision as well as physical presence during childbearing, I simply can’t sacrifice my well-paying job. I believe that placing a concealed camera in my home is a good decision and has brought me peace of mind.

Today’s covert surveillance technology is helping working parents to monitor what’s going on in your home while your away.

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