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Motion Activated Hidden Camera DVR

Mantle Clock Color Camera with Built-in DVR

Motion activated hidden cameras are a very simple concept for someone who is looking to have extra security for their home. The issue with cameras in the past for surveillance is the fact that the camera records continuously, leaving a lot of footage. If you didn’t know what time a break in happened and wanted to see the footage, you might be sitting around looking at the recording for a very long time.


A motion activated hidden camera is far more convenient since it eradicates this issue. The camera is attached to a motion detector which is most likely built into it that allows the camera to start recording only when the motion detector is triggered.


Some may ask why it is that the camera is hidden out of eyesight. The main reason for this is that most home invaders or other criminals are not actually repelled by visible cameras, but are instead more likely to cover their face to hide their identity. By hiding the camera, a criminal will be less likely to cover their face making it easy to find them later on after looking at the tape. A motion activated hidden camera may not be for everyone, but for those who have a desire to further protect their households, it may just be a perfect solution.

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