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My Daughter Now Has Personal Protection On Urban Street

Security is a very important thing for my family.  We just moved to a different town because the town in which we were living in was dangerous place.  My mom says that now that I am going to college I should get an urban street defense program to learn how to defend myself and to protect my family.  I think that the situation worldwide is getting worse every day and people are becoming more evil every day that goes by.  I think that we need to be prepared for any life threatening situation that may be present.

College and university campuses can be very dangerous especially for female students living in dorms and off campus apartments. My daughter has a friend who was surrounded by five men attempting to rob and sexually assault her. She had to run as fast as she could to escape being harmed by these urban thugs. She barely escaped that terrifying situation and now learns as much as she can about urban street defense.

My grandma used to say that people before were not as bad as people nowadays.  She says that in the early 1900s people respected each other and were not willing to do any harm to others.  Now just the act of going out of your house puts your life in danger.  That is extremely awful because you would like to be in a peaceful place but I think that that is impossible to find these days.  My mom really loves me and wants only the best for me and for my sister.  That is why she would like me to learn some self defense techniques to that I may know how to protect myself and to protect my family in these dangerous times we live in.

I think it is also important to have the right equipment to protect yourself.  One of the things I need is a non lethal self defense products kit.  Some of my friends told me that I should look on the Internet to find the defense products kit I need.  I did and I found this website.  This is exactly what I needed.  I am going to go to college very soon and I want to be prepared for any dangerous situation.  I want to know everything about urban street defense.  I am sure that my mom is going to be really happy to know that I am well equipped and trained to face any life-threatening situation in an urban college environment such as St. Louis, Mo.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!


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