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New Less Than Lethal Weapons

Though certain conditions can warrant the use of deadly force, saving someone’s life is the top priority for most people. The development of new less than lethal weapons was meant to meet this goal. Stun Gun is an example of these weapons.

A Stun gun is a small electronic device that zaps assailants, cause pain on them and lock up their muscles. Stun guns have different styles and shapes and most of them put out more than 50,000 volts of electricity. This gun has a powerful deterrent and you only need one or two seconds to touch the assailant. The major weakness of this gun is that you need direct contact with an attacker and they do not have a lasting effect. You need to be careful because if the device is turned on you in a struggle, you could be zapped.

How Stun Gun works

Stun guns function like an electric shock, they plug into the aggressor’s nervous system, and the current makes the muscles to contract rapidly and inefficiently. It makes it hard for the affected person to function and move due to energy loss. The electricity also interrupts neurological impulses. These are impulses that direct muscle movement, the attacker losses balance, becomes disoriented and is left in a confused state for several minutes. Body organs are not significantly affected by this.

Stun Gun Models and Sizes

Stun guns come in different sizes and types depending on the needs of the prospective owner. They range from small stun guns that are handheld to big stun gun baton models. The stun gun batons can also be used as clubs and flashlights if needed.

You are not supposed to run towards the aggressor to get into a close range to use this gun, use it only if the attacker comes too close to you. Getting yourself from a dangerous situation whenever possible is the best option. If you stun the attacker, the electrical shock cannot pass from him to you even if you do it while standing in water.

New less than lethal weapons are found in local gun stores. These weapons are designed to control the attackers without causing death; although they have proved deadly in some instances. If you own one, handle it like a firearm, and make sure it is away from children.

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