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New Non Lethal Weapons

The modern folding steel baton has replaced the more traditional “billy clubs” of many police forces because of the many advantages it offers in power, speed and portability. Its use grew out of some martial art styles that emphasized the use of sticks and canes as weapons.

The folding baton has many advantages as a self-defense weapon and mainly for people who do not have time for extensive training. The first is portability. Steel batons can be worn in a handy holster on the belt without much more inconvenience than a cell phone.

The second is ease of use. With a little training, (which we highly recommend at a minimum) beginners can gain sufficient skill to handle most defensive situations. Because you are using the mechanical advantage of the baton for striking power, you can avoid hours of static and dynamic training associated with bare-handed martial arts and still be able to deliver a formidable, fight-ending blow. Using new non lethal weapons isĀ  the way to go.

A little training with a steel baton will provide the ability to face multiple attackers, and is a great advantage against a knife attack. Knives are weapons that become more dangerous as distance closes. The modern folding steel baton gives its user a reach advantage over a knife-wielding attacker as well as over a larger, stronger foe with most weapons other than guns. About the only weapon that would overmatch someone using a steel baton would be a gun.

The steel baton acts as an extension of the arm. As such, the movements are natural, and the learning curve is relatively short to gain a useful level of skill. Most people do not need much time to learn the basics of striking and blocking blows. The batons come in a variety of sizes and weights to accommodate users of all sizes and ages.

Live instruction, while always good, is less necessary with the steel baton. The movements can be easily imitated and practiced watching a training video.

The steel baton’s mechanical advantage and light weight give almost anyone the ability to deliver a debilitating blow with speed and accuracy. Many units come with foam grips and handy holsters. Some folding batons are threaded to accept a flashlight head, thus becoming doubly useful tools.

Although a folding steel baton has the potential to do serious damage, it is safely non-lethal in most hands. But the same time its user can selectively apply crippling force to an attacker’s extremities and joints while maintaining a safe distance from him. A single blow to the wrist, elbow or knee can cause crippling pain. A punch to the face, head or throat will end any confrontation and can cause severe damage. Because of the impressive power of the steel baton, we do not recommend targeting the head or throat unless you feel your life is in danger.

The modern folding steel baton is an affordable, potent and easily learned self-defense tool, useful against a variety of threats and easily learned and carried.

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