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Non Lethal Personal Protection

Among the most important instincts present in human beings is the instinct of self-protection. Considering how dangerous our world is today, it is quite noble for you to know how to protect yourself because many are the times when you are always surrounded by assailants without your knowledge. You may also be humane enough such that you are not willing to seriously wound or kill your assailant.
In order to effectively offer yourself maximum non lethal personal protection, use of stun guns is among the many common ways you can do it. Usually, you will find two prongs at the end of the stun gun. These prongs emit electric non-lethal dose. The effectiveness of stun guns comes in due to their ability to take advantage of the actual working routine of the human body.
The jolt of electricity emitted by the prongs of the stun gun results to your body cells expanding and contracting against their will. This is because, for communication to occur between your muscles and the brain, the whole process is dependent on electricity. Even though this is harmless, your assailant will not just escape without experiencing pain. It is a way that will see your attacker getting immobilized. Safety Technology is the most successful stun gun company that makes the most affordable and reliable stun guns which are well available on Amazon.
The effectiveness of a stun gun is added by the loud crackling noise it makes once you switch it on. The noise is loud enough to the extent of intimidating your attacker, especially if he has his back turned to you or if you are helping someone else whose attention is also drawn to the attacker.

However, there are various things you need to note:
Have a lot of knowledge and competence in using the stun gun because the attacker can easily use the weapon against you, just as he could do with any other weapon.
For an effective attack, physical contact with the assailant is required in order to exert the stun gun effects. You really have very limited time to draw the weapon. It is therefore important for you to keep the weapon at hand and ready, although this will make your attacker be aware of the device.
Certain regions especially those that experience winter are not fit for stun gun use. This is because the effectiveness of this weapon is always lessened by thick clothing.

However, you don’t need to get worried about your non lethal personal protection if you have a stun gun as it is an effective non-lethal alternative to a handgun. Even if you are a student, a nurse or any other person who travels alone, this weapon will work well for you, even if you are a bartender or a server that work late at nights. Those using public transport means can also use it to prevent being attacked or sexually abused.

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