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Non Lethal Projectile Weapons

There have been numerous debates around the
world surrounding gun rights and gun ownership. Should we arm school teachers’
housewives, nurses, college students and other simple civilians with guns? I
think there are better alternatives other than arming everyone with a gun.
These alternatives are less lethal but effective especially when it comes to
self-defence and one on one combat. We have tried to list just a few of these
options. These may include:


Taser and Stun Gun Weapons:

The taser Pulse is the newest compact but powerful non lethal projectile weapons.

A Safety Technology Stun Master Stun Gun:

A stun is a very effective and less costly non-lethal projectile weapons option to having a gun. The static crackle produced by a stun
gun plus the stream of the flashlight are enough to scare most attackers. A stun
gun produces enough voltage to drop a full grown adult man right on their
tracks in a matter of seconds. The electrodes of a stun gun are designed in
such a way they can penetrate even the thickest form of clothing. If an
attacker attempts to grab the stun gun away from you, the side of the gun
contains shocking parts that are designed to prevent them from grabbing it. A
stun gun comes with a high power rechargeable battery.

Bad Ass Stun Baton

Just like a stun gun, a stun button is very
effective when it comes to fending off an attacker. It is equipped with a
9million Volts of electric power. This stun baton means that you don’t have to
get very close to the attacker. The voltage produced is enough to stun an adult
to the ground in an instant. The baton can also be swung like a club in cases
where the stunner isn’t as effective or the preferred method of use making it a
multi-purpose non-lethal projectile weapon. A stun button has three very bright
LED lights that can be used in the dark.

Three in One Pepper Spray

A pepper spray is a non-lethal projectile
weapon while at the same time, a very effective. Time and time again, pepper
spray has come through whenever an individual is under attack. Pepper spray is
known for inflicting serious pain on an attacker. The pain is doubled up with a
moment of temporary blindness to the attacker too. The best brands of pepper
spray can stop an attacker up to a distance of 10 feet away. Best pepper sprays
can be used multiple times – up to over 30 times.

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