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Non Lethal Self Defense

The demand for non lethal self defense tools and weapons has been on the rise because the crime rate is only increasing, it rarely goes down. The main idea of self-defense is to stun the assailant long enough to be able to escape or to get help before any physical harm. So the aim is not to fatally injure the assailant, just to cause a temporary injury severe enough to allow you to escape.

What is non lethal self defense? The answer to this question is, to defend yourself without fatally harming the assailant. Many would argue that the incorporation of pepper sprays, stun guns, and Tasers are all non-lethal weapons with which you can defend yourself.

Pepper spray is a device which contains chemicals that when sprayed on an assailant’s eyes cause unbearable irritation, pain, choking, blindness and breathing problem. All this is temporary, and no injury is long-lasting, but it can disable an attacker long enough to provide time for the victim to get help before the assailant recovers from the injuries easily.

Both stun guns and Tasers are used to deliver an electric shock. Some people use both these terms interchangeably although both these devices shock the assailant, there is a difference as to how these two weapons work.

A Taser is used to shock the attacker from a comfortable distance, whereas a stun gun requires close physical contact with the device to shock the assailant. A Taser fires two probe-like needles, towards the assailant at high speed to deliver the electric shock. When the probes touch the assailant, a shock passes through their body and stops the working of their neuromuscular system.

A stun gun, on the other hand, disables the assailant by overworking the muscles and reducing the blood sugar level quickly. It shocks the assailant when its prongs come in contact with his body.

The chemicals used in a pepper spray are potent, and the pepper is very pure and hard, in fact, it is impossible for the body to work when sprayed by the pepper spray thus it effectively disables the assailant.

Everyone has received an electric shock from a television or a computer, the voltage level of the stun gun or Taser is very high compared to that of a TV or a computer. The initial concentration of voltage when the probes or the prongs first come in contact ranges from 50k volts to 1.2 million volts depending upon the device. It then drops to 1200 volts, and the current in transmission ranges.02 amps to.04 amps, consider the shock received from television and then imagine what will the shock from a Taser or stun gun is capable.

All the above-mentioned weapons are non-lethal self-defense weapons. They do not inflict any permanent injury just temporary injuries that disable the assailant long enough to help the victim make their escape.

Based on the above comments, one can easily see that non-lethal methods of self-defense do work.

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