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Non Lethal Ways To Protect Your Home

In an economy with a nearly 20% unemployment, the fact is that the uneducated, the unfeeling, the psychopathic by nature or just the desperate turn to crime to make ends (of their crack pipe) meet and you are the most likely target. Why? Because you are in some database that says you are not legally able to buy a weapon to defend your family, your children, your property or yourself. Or you are on some social site stating clearly and calmly that no way on earth will you allow a firearm in your home. There are many non lethal ways to protect your home available today.

Three or four years ago you were without any real, viable method for domestic and personal defense and, should a home invasion occur, you would be the victim of a particularly horrible crime. The sad fact is that you cannot count on the police to be there just when you need them most. In this world, you have to be ready to defend your children, you family, your property and yourself on your own.

Those same three or four years ago you would not be reading this book because the technology simply did not exist to make this book a real manual on home defense. Times and technology have changed. For the better in many ways.

If you can’t have (or choose not to have) a firearm what can you use to defend the people in your life without breaking any laws or spending years in martial arts training? The answer is amazingly simple and not as expensive as a trip to the emergency room.

Paintballing is now a family sport with men, women and young people of all ages involved. It is played in the woods, inside buildings, in paintball parks and urban environments and not just some silly looking make believe battleground.

The Generation 6 paintball weapon is a self-contained, rapid-fire single shot, 3 round burst or fully automatic, magazine fed weapon that can, in the right hands, and with a little training be a highly effective method for family, home, and personal defense.

In short, non-lethal does not mean painless or ineffective by any stretch of the imagination. And unlike conventional firearms, anyone over the age of 18 can purchase and legally own their choice of paintball weapons. There are no government restrictions what-so-ever. This means that regardless of your past you now have a legal, very effective way to protect your children, your family, yourself and your home. It’s very easy to discover non lethal ways to protect your home.

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