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Non Lethal Weapons For Sale

The world has become a dangerous place. Crime statistics reveal some shocking details every day. In these hard times, personal safety should be the number one priority. There are many ways to keep you safe from harm; get yourself a portable weapon to carry in your bag or pocket. But weapons are dangerous and could land you in a lot of trouble with the law.

It is for this reason that you need to find yourself non lethal weapons for sale. The most effective alternative to a handgun is a stun gun. It takes just under 200 milliamps to take down or kill a full grown person. A non-lethal stun gun delivers about twice the amount of amps in one shot. That is enough electricity to disable anyone who tries to attack you.

There are many situations that leave us vulnerable to attackers. For instance; college students often find themselves working late on assignments. This often means at some point they will find themselves walking in or around campus alone. That is practically dangerous at night, especially for young ladies.

A stun gun will significantly increase your chances of avoiding a sexual assault by at least 50% or more. It all depends on two factors; the size of the stun gun and how accessible it is. A 4 inch long stun gun will be much easier to reach than a police force stun gun baton.

When you find yourself in a hostile situation, make sure your one hand is always holding the gun. But do not show it; just hold it in your hand, with your hand in the bag or pocket. That way, it will be easier to just pull it out when someone surprises you.

Attackers don’t care whether you are someone’s daughter, husband, and mom. They behave impulsively and with no care. Do not be victims; visit your local weapon outlet for non lethal weapons for sale. Or go online and find the one that best suit you, most sales include free shipping.

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