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Non Lethal Weapons To Defend Yourself

In the world today the number of threats of going to a place alone becomes higher especially in the late hours and it is mostly faced by women. The safety measures should be taken care in a precise manner by an individual using personal protection products such non lethal weapons to defend yourself.

The first one I would like to cover is pepper spray or mace. The good thing about pepper spray is that if you get it taken from you, it is just going to hurt if they use it on your, you won’t die as a knife would.

Some brands and grades of pepper spray are better than others but even the little keychain stuff is going to inflict a fair amount of pain and blindness, so with pepper spray, you can go cheap and still get a half decent product.

Another option is, stun guns. These are the close range electronic zappers that involve you getting close, but they are quite useful and easily concealed. I suggest a voltage no less than 500,000 volts.

The other electronic option is the tasers. These have projectiles that shootout and send electronic pulses through a wire attached to the gun, they are far more efficient using less voltage, so 100,000 volts is fine since the barbs penetrate the muscle and cause it to seize up. The problem is, they require some training to be effective and are quite expensive, some costing a few thousand dollars. I feel that it could be cheaper to buy, take a training class, and get a permit for a pistol than use this, but hey we are talking about non-lethal weapons here.

Another option is a self-defense flashlight. They are sturdy, compact, and bright. They can be used for more than fighting but when you need to, they can be used as a blinding instrument, and a blunt force weapon, as well as a fist pack which will make your punches more effective. Some have pocket clips and can be attached to your pocket put in a bag or something.

All the weapons mentioned above are non lethal weapons to defend yourself. They do not inflict any permanent injury just temporary injuries that disable the assailant long enough to help the victim make their escape.

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