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On the Go Security Kit for Nurses



I understand how crucial it is to always be ready for any situation because I am a nurse who is constantly on the go. This also entails being ready for any threats to my personal safety that might arise. It’s unfortunate that women are frequently the targets of harassment and violence, which is why it’s so important for us to have access to self-defense equipment. The Nurse on the Go Security Kit is one of the best self-defense tools for women, and I’ll be talking about how important it is for women to know their options for non-lethal self-defense in this article. Any person working a night shift, a hospital support staff member, or a health care provider should be concerned about personal safety while on the job. Walking through parking lots, garages, and isolated sidewalks requires constant attention.

Self Defense Is Important for Women

It goes without saying that women are frequently the targets of abuse and harassment. We are constantly vulnerable to crimes like catcalling and assault. Sadly, we can’t always count on other people to keep us safe. This is why it’s so important for women to take responsibility for our safety and develop self-defense skills. Self defense can potentially save our lives in addition to giving us a feeling of power.

In addition, because of the nature of our work, healthcare professionals may be more vulnerable to violence and harassment. We frequently put in late hours, occasionally in tense areas, and run into patients or visitors who may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We can better defend ourselves and our patients if we know how to defend ourselves. A hospital will typically help with an associate’s general concerns. Consult the security division about any unique requests, ideas, or worries. Electronic surveillance systems are typically used by hospital security to record activity inside and outside the medical center. Anyone who might enter the property is captured by the security cameras. However, in order to be useful in addressing concerns about personal safety, they must be operational. To make sure all cameras are working properly, contact or page hospital security.

Knowing Non-Lethal Self Defense Techniques

There are many options available when it comes to self defense. Not all self-defense tools are created equal, and some may be more effective than others, it is important to remember. It’s crucial to take into account whether specific self-defense weapons are permitted in your state or nation.

Options for non-lethal self-defense include personal alarms, pepper spray, and stun weapons. These weapons are made to render an attacker helpless while avoiding lasting damage. For instance, pepper spray can temporarily blind, choke, and cough the victim, giving them time to flee. Stun weapons fire an electric shock that can render an attacker unconscious for a number of minutes. Personal alarms produce a loud sound that deters potential attackers and draws attention to the user.

Best Weapons for Self Defense for Women

There are many choices available when it comes to self-defense tools for women. The most widely used weapons include keychain self-defense kits, pepper spray, stun guns, and personal alarms.

Every woman looking to defend herself needs pepper spray. Specifically made for healthcare workers, the pepper spray is part of the Nurse on the Go Security Kit. With a range of up to 10 feet and hospital-grade pepper spray, you can protect yourself while remaining safe.

Stun weapons are another preferred option because they can quickly render an aggressor helpless. A small and portable stun gun is included in the Nurse on the Go Security Kit. Additionally, it includes a built-in LED flashlight, making it a useful tool in any circumstance.

Personal alarms are yet another strong weapon for self-defense. The personal alarm in the Nurse on the Go Security Kit produces a 130 dB sound that can be heard up to 600 feet away. This may draw attention and deter potential attackers.

Keychains with self-defense symbols are also growing in popularity. These keychains can be used to defend yourself in an emergency and are made to be worn on your person at all times. An attractive and functional self-defense keychain is included in the Nurse on the Go Security Kit.

How to Pick the Best Weapon for Self Defense

There are a number of things to take into account when selecting the best self-defense weapon. It’s crucial to first and foremost take into account whether or not the weapon is legal in your state or nation. You should also take into account your familiarity with the weapon and your proficiency with it.

It’s crucial to take into account the unique characteristics of each self-defense tool. For instance, some stun guns are more potent than others and some pepper sprays have a greater range. A self-defense weapon should be selected based on your individual requirements and preferences.

How to Use Self Defense Weapons Correctly

Owning a self-defense weapon alone is insufficient. Knowing how to use it properly is essential if you want to effectively defend yourself. A lot of self-defense tools come with training materials or instructions to teach you how to use them properly.

It’s a good idea to enroll in a self-defense training program or class. These courses can teach you useful self-defense skills and give you practical experience using self-defense equipment. You can feel more assured in your capacity to defend yourself in an emergency by enrolling in a course.

Self Defense Training and Classes

The best way to learn how to defend yourself is through self defense classes and training programs. You can learn useful safety-related skills and tactics from these classes. Additionally, they can give you practical experience with self-defense equipment.

Self-defense classes are offered at numerous community centers, gyms, and martial arts schools. You can find instructional videos and online courses that can teach you the fundamentals of self defense. You can feel more prepared and confident in your capacity to defend yourself by enrolling in a class or training program.

Additional Women’s Safety Advice

In addition to carrying self-defense gear and enrolling in self-defense classes, there are a number of other safety recommendations for women. It’s crucial to pay attention to your surroundings and to avoid going on solitary walks in dangerous or unfamiliar areas. Additionally, you ought to follow your gut and stay away from uncomfortable situations.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to inform someone of your whereabouts and anticipated return time. This can make sure that if you don’t show up when expected, someone will know to look for you. Additionally, to be prepared for emergencies, you should keep your phone charged and close by.


It’s crucial to always be ready for anything as a traveling nurse. Being ready for potential threats to your personal safety is a part of this. You can better protect yourself and your patients by carrying self-defense gear like the Nurse on the Go Security Kit, enrolling in self-defense classes, and observing common safety precautions. Keep in mind that it is up to you to take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety. To purchase this effective self-defense kit, go to



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