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Parents Can Monitor Their Bedroom While Away From Home With WiFi Nanny Cam


Parents can easily monitor their bedroom while away from home with a WiFi nanny cam…

Whenever I would leave the nanny home with the children, I would make it clear that the master’s bedroom is off limits. I didn’t want the children playing around inside the room when my husband and I were not there, and I didn’t want the babysitter going through our own stuff.

Oddly, I would notice that our room would not be how I had left it and some of my items would go missing. My hubby recommended that we buy a motion activated spy cam to find out who had been going to our bedroom.

I found an interesting spy clock DVR camera with motion detector which would fuse into our own room, because it was a working clock as well. The main advantage of motion detection is that the nanny cam just starts recording whenever motion is detected.

Spy cameras are for discreetly keeping track of activity inside any house. There help capture someone doing something which they should not and monitor your family and home even if you are in a different area. In most cases, they are disguised as ordinary-looking home items so that no person would notice them.

There was also a picture frame hidden camera that appeared like any common picture frame. It could support approximately 32GB, records high-quality color videos and features full motion detection.

Surveillance cameras equipped with a digital video recorder have their own recording device, so no
installation is needed. Video recordings can be watched by either hooking up the camera to a screen or TV using the bundled RCA cable or plugging the provided SD card right into the computer’s SD card reader.

A boom box hidden camera with built-in DVR that I discovered looked useful, also. My husband and I like the fact this cleverly disguised covert camera blends in well. This spy stuff really does work.

No matter which one we select, any one who goes into our own room will be captured by our motion activated spy cam. Having a motion-sensing DVR camera is convenient since we won’t need to go through several house of uneventful footage.

A WiFi nanny cam enables working parents to monitor their home in real time.

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