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Pink Talon Stun Gun For Sale | Buy Here!!! | Free Shipping

You often worry about the safety of your wife who travels frequently and daughters that are away from home attending college. Your daughters also have part time jobs as servers and often leave the bar where they work after midnight. It’s not unusual for them to encounter a drunk customer on the parking lot. While walking to their car. You worry about how your girls can defend themselves from an attacker. A stun gun is an effective self defense weapon that can instantly subdue an attacker. Protecting your girls from being sexually assaulted or raped by some drunken creep. For instance, the pink talon stun gun for sale delivers a quick and powerful charge of 18 million volts of whup ass to an attacker. You want your wife and daughters to be secure and safe when walking alone at night or when traveling in dangerous areas. You want to have peace of mind that your loved ones are safe guarded from being assaulted and being victimized by a street thug.

The pink talon stun gun for sale is a small and concealable handheld weapon designed for close proximity self defense. It delivers a devastating electrical shock to an assailant. To deliver the charge of electricity, you must touch the pink talon stun gun for sale electrodes directly to an attackers body. However, direct skin contact is not required to incapacitate an attacker. The 18 million powerful jolt of electricity will cause your attacker’s body to violently spasm. This will briefly disable the street thug or drunk so that your wife or daughters have time to get away to safety. The pink talon stun gun for sale is very easy to conceal and not noticeable when in the hand of your loved ones. It also comes with a holster for easy access if needed. The pink talon stun gun for sale is what every woman, college student, university student, bartender, server, night shift worker should carry for personal self defense.




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