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Pointers Concerning How To Save Your Jewelry From Burglars

Coke can safe hiding

As I went home one evening to see that the front door was open, I knew instantly that something negative had happened. Somebody had broken into the house. That was for certain.

I waited for the police officers to arrive before fully surveying the damage inside. Most of my stuff, like a laptop, had been stolen. Just about everything of value was missing except my Coke can safe which was just there inside the kitchen.

Fearing that this soda can look-alike was gone, too, I was beside myself with worry as I opened the door to the refrigerator. Without a doubt, I was really relieved the moment I saw my stash safe among the actual soda cans within. As I poured its complete contents on the table, I felt so happy about my choice to purchase a diversion safe.

In case the burglar had raided the fridge, which was unlikely at all, he still would not have noticed anything unusual. The actual soda cans appeared just like my can safe. Even when he had come close to touching them, my stash can was weighted and would feel as if any can of soda.

It was for these types of reasons that I had picked a safe posing as a Coke in can in the first place. It had no obvious difference from the real thing. Since I love sodas, it is easy for me to hide the secret safe with its own kind.

Removing the top is simple. It is nearly effortless to add objects to or remove them from the hollow center. The opening is barely visible plus other concealed safes open discreetly on the bottom side.

I bought more disguised safes after the break-in. Now, a fabric and upholstery cleaner can safe holds important documents. I also found use for the extra storage space which a Maxwell House coffee safe and a Pringles can safe give.

My precious jewelry was saved from burglars, because of a Coke can safe hiding in the fridge. It is obviously a practical option for me to get much more diversion safes for hiding my belongings.

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