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Portable Counter-Surveillance Device For Locating Concealed Cameras And Microphones

Lens Finder Bug Detector

Today, there’s an affordable portable¬†counter-surveillance device for locating concealed cameras and microphones.

As an analyst for a major company I am constantly on the move traveling by air from one city to the next to speak to clients. I work with very sensitive information that could damage companies including my own if it were to fall into the wrong hands.

Corporate espionage is quite common within my type of work. Before we have had company secrets as well as information stolen from us so the administration thought it wise to put money into teaching select staff members counter surveillance techniques.

They hired a company run by ex-CIA operatives to train us the are of surveillance and also how best to combat it. We studied many techniques and tools used by real CIA operatives. Among the equipment which we learned how to make use of was a handheld bug detector.

It finds hidden cameras and microphones by scanning the frequencies which they broadcast on frequently. It had a tuner that was sensitive enough to discover any gadget working on the 1 to 3 GHz frequency range.

It also showcased a silent alarm setting that would enable me to check out a room discreetly without notifying anyone who may be along with me. Each time I go to visit a customer they generally provide accomodations for me usually a hotel room paid for by them.

Generally bugs hidden inside hotel rooms are disguised as everyday things. Many of the smaller cameras may also be built into things like desk lamps as well as picture frames which makes it extremely hard to detect them without the use of special tools.

I have made it a practice to scan every hotel room I stay in for bugs even when I know that I can trust the company that arranged for it. In the event that a bug is found I report it to my manager and arrange for a different accomadation.

On this type of work counter surveillance techniques are a must-have. Within the numerous years which I have worked within this field I have discovered that there will always be somebody that is after the information you have.

The lens finder bug detector is an excellent compact counter-surveillance device for locating hidden cameras and microphones.

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