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Portable Digital Video Recording System

The following story is just one of many applications of today’s advanced hidden camera technology…

Sandy knew she was on to something every time she would swing by the towing company.  As the city’s newest investigative reporter, she wanted to make a name for herself.  So when one of her viewers tipped her off that the city’s towing contractor was secretly replacing air bags from the cars it was impounding, she thought she could finally create a major impact.

The first time she brought her camera crew out to the impound lot, she pretended to be picking up her car.  Though her escort’s patience was wearing thin as they walked the lot, Sandy was sure she caught a glimpse of the culprits in the act. Confident that she could capture the moment on freeze-frame, she hustled back to the news van a few blocks away.

To her dismay, she learned that the expensive wireless transmitter she was using just wouldn’t work on the lot.  Whether someone was jamming them or it was just some atmospheric disturbance, her team couldn’t tell.  Either way, the signal had cut out about two minutes into the operation, so Sandy would have to find another way to capture that image.

Sandy knew she had to find a way to record what was happening –  the brazen thieves were looting cars in broad daylight! Surfing the web for ideas, Sandy found her solution. The 8 Channel Portable Digital Video Recording System was just what she needed.

Two days later, she confronted the city commissioner in the hallway outside his office.  He tried to brush her off, telling her he had no time for crackpot conspiracy theories.  So Sandy showed him the Portable Digital Video Recording System.  On the bright 15″ LCD monitor he could see two junkyard workers ripping up a car. The video evidence was unmistakable…Sandy had clear proof!

“Can I get a copy of this?” ask the commissioner.

“Got a computer handy?” replied Sandy and opened the protective pelican case.

Sandy gleefully attached her DVR to the commissioner’s laptop, and copied over the digital video files.  Not only did he commit to confronting the towing company’s owners, he planned to show the video to a closed committee meeting so they could suspend the wrecker’s contract.

The Portable Digital Video Recording System did it’s job to perfection and is used continuously for other investigative news reporting.

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