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Practical Personal Security Devices for College Females

Practical Personal Security Devices for College Females


The World Health Organization has severally expressed concern over the rising statistics in women violence. Over the last few years, there have been more reports of women being abused in professional, social, academic, and familiar circles.

Unfortunately, these attacks are common in women of all ages and social backgrounds. Initially, it was believed most of these acts of violence against women were convinced to developing regions of the world. However, the truth is, even developed regions still experience significant cases of gender discrimination.

So, whether you’re a female professional or college student, you need to think about your safety at all times. It is also quite unfortunate that most gender violence cases go unreported. And even when these cases are reported, little to no action is taken by the authorities.

Essentially, this means college women and professionals need to take security into their own hands. But what exactly can college females do to make sure they’re safe at all times? Modern security service providers like Urban Safety Solutions have just what you need. You can now get the best self-defense kit to safeguard and protect yourself at all times. For the latest security options for college females, visit today.

As a female, you need to invest in personal security devices because you never really know when an attack could happen. Sure, you need a self-defense kit when walking alone at night. However, a significant number of violent attacks on women are from relatives and close friends. As a result, you should never drop your guard. Having the right personal security devices can save your life at any time.

In most violent cases against college women, the attackers try to wipe every evidence of their actions. This, unfortunately, means they will go through every length to discredit you, even if that means taking your life. A college personal security kit will increase your survival and defense chances on most occasions. Whether the perp breaks into your college apartment or stalks you when running at night, Urban Safety Solutions has just the right personal alarm kit for you.

An attacker will always look for when you’re vulnerable. Sometimes, this means they will follow you around to study your patterns. For example, if you have a car, the assailant will follow you and search for you when you’re in a parking garage at night. Since you’re likely alone, they’ll choose to attack then.

This is why you should always opt for a college personal security kit that you can carry around with you at all times. Some of the personal security devices you’ll find at can easily fit in your purse, bag back, or even pocket. With such safety solutions and precautions, you’ll always be prepared for any attack.

Factors to consider when getting your college personal security kit


Most college women want to know the best self-defense package items they can get from Urban Safety Solutions. The truth is, most of the kits you’ll find at are ideal for multiple solutions.

However, before you can just buy any security kit for college females, there are several considerations you ought to factor in. These include;

1. How easily can you use the device?


Any college personal security device needs to be easy to use for the best results. Traditionally, personal protection devices like Taser guns were produced without consideration for female use. These products were ineffective, even in the hands of most ladies. That’s because they are often bulky and hard to conceal.

Fortunately, advancements in protection and personal alarm kits have made it easier for female use. Today, you can find cancelable and easy-to-use Taser guns and stun guns. For example, most of the personal security gadgets on are customized to be easily used by ladies.

So, whether you’re looking for personal security products that you can easily carry with you or conceal with your everyday fashion and dress wear, Urban Safety Solutions has you sorted. And when you can easily use a safety device, you’ll be more confident and don’t necessarily have to rely on others for your safety and protection.

The truth is, as a lady, you’ll find yourself alone in many situations. Whether you’re coming from the club, library, or traveling for you, you’ll feel safer when you don’t have to depend on a man escorting you straight to your door. With easy-to-use devices from Urban Safety Solutions, you don’t have to worry about walking by yourself or being alone in the apartment.

2. Do you have the element of surprise?


As mentioned above, assailants will always want to isolate you from the crowd before attacking you. They will always rely on the element of surprise and attack you when you least expect it.

However, you can easily turn the tables on the attacker if you’re prepared with the correct personal security devices. You see, most criminals are not expecting ladies to fight back. That means they will view you as the weaker sex. You can easily use this oversight to your advantage.

Most criminals are sloppy, so if you have even a little preparation, you’ll safely get away and save your life. For example, suppose the attacker is following you around a car park, and you notice them. In that case, you can quickly remove the personal security devices from your purse and attack the criminal.

The element of surprise is an integral part of personal safety. If the attacker knows what you’ve already planned to do, they will counter and overpower you. For instance, most women will try and run away from assailants. However, depending on the shoes and attire you have, you may be significantly slower than the attacker. If they do manage to catch up to you, they’ll take advantage of you. 

However, if you have pepper spray as part of your personal security devices from, you don’t have to run away, regardless of the shoes or dress you’re wearing. In such a scenario, you just have to wait until the assailant is within striking distance. By then, they’ll be so confident of themselves that they’ll think they’ve already won. Fortunately, you can unleash the Urban Safety Solutions pepper spray and hit them right on the face. 

This will not only catch them by surprise, but it will also temporarily incapacitate them, allowing you to get away safely. Personal security devices from Urban Safety Solutions are easy to conceal and unleash when needed. Don’t wait any longer; get the urban protection kit from today and improve your survival odds.

3. How legal are the personal security devices in your state?


All of the personal protection devices and kits on Urban Safety Solutions comply with federal and state laws and regulations. That means you can easily get the right kit delivered from to any state.

However, when choosing a security device, especially if you’re in college, you should check any campus laws regarding the security device. While most schools and learning institutions are now more open to personal security devices, it’s always best to check and not assume.

For example, carrying a gun or firearm is illegal in most – if not all schools. That means a gun wouldn’t make a good personal security item as you’ll have to leave it at home. On the flip side, pepper spray or stun gun is allowed in most institutions and public places.

Additionally, even when the non lethal security gadget is permitted on your campus, you shouldn’t just walk around displaying it. As formerly mentioned, the element of surprise is an integral part of self-defense. You have a better chance of defending yourself when the criminal doesn’t know what you have up your sleeve.

Admittedly, there’s still the issue of allowing personal security devices for women in certain public places. While there has been a lot of progress made in some areas, others still hold onto backward laws that largely discriminate against women. Most of these laws end up making women powerless and leave them at the mercy of the attacker.

As long as your state and local laws allow a safety and self-defense gadget, you can get it on There are also steps you can follow to get special permits and permission to carry certain safety gadgets. This is especially true in areas when there are increased crimes against women.

If there are legal restrictions from certain non lethal self-defense items that you feel are integral to your protection and safety, you should check with the authorities on what your options are and if there are any exceptions. And remember, it’s better to take extra precautions to protect yourself than just blindly following what everyone else does or says. At the end of the day, it’s your life in danger, and you should do everything to protect yourself.

After reviewing these factors, you’ll have an easier time choosing the best self-defense kit from Urban Safety Solutions. Also, remember you should carry more than one self-protection product to anticipate any situation.

What is the right self-defense product for female college students?


The above information will help you narrow in on the best personal protection devices you can get from, depending on your preference, legal limitations, and overall usability. Below, let’s investigate a unique selection of revolutionary and female-friendly gadgets from Urban Safety Solutions.

These products are not only effective, but they’ve also been thoroughly tried and tested, meaning you’re getting the very best and industry-leading self-defense products. To make it easier to choose the appropriate self-defense tool for college women and professionals, let’s also break down the advantages and limitations of each and the best place to use them.

1. Pepper spray


Pepper sprays and gels are among the most used personal protection devices by women everywhere. They are an ideal self-protection item as you can easily buy and use them in almost any state. Their ease of use is one of the top reasons most women favor pepper sprays.

Additionally, pepper spray is light to carry, and you can conceal them in your everyday fashion. If you have a bag pack or purse, you can attack the pepper spray on the side as a cool accessory. Even when you don’t have a bag, you can put a small tube of pepper spray in your pocket.

Pepper spray can be used from a few feet, so you don’t have to wait until the attacker is very close to you. Moreover, the effects of pepper spray will leave the assailant in agonizing pain for 45 minutes, which is more than enough time for you to get help or escape from the situation.

Urban Safety Solutions sells revolutionary pepper sprays that also leave the attacker with an invisible UV marking. Should you report the perp to the authorities, you can easily identify him, even if it was dark when he attacked you. The effects of pepper spray are temporary, and it does not cause blindness or permanent damage to the eyes.

What are the advantages of pepper spray?

  • Easy to access
  • Easy to use
  • Cheaply to source
  • You can use it from a safe distance

Limitations of pepper spray

  • It might not work in strong winds
  • It might affect others if used in a crowd
  • Some campuses don’t allow pepper spray use

Buy Wildfire Pepper Spray

Urban Safety Solutions provides the best pepper spray for self-defense. The pepper spray is manufactured using some of the hottest peppers and measures more than 2 million units on Scoville’s Heat Test. Your attacker will be in pain for close to an hour, and nothing they do will ease the effects. Washing and rubbing the face only aggravate the effects of the pepper spray. However, as mentioned, these effects are not permanent, although the invisible UV light will last for some time.

2. Stun gun


While stun guns haven’t always been popular with college girls, recent adjustments from leading manufactures like have changed that. Today, you can find female-friendly stun guns that are just as effective.

Stun guns work by delivering a strong electric current upon contact with the assailant. At the end of a stun gun are two protruding metal prongs to pierce any clothes or material. These metal prongs can also injure the attacker and leave them in considerable pain.

The effects of a stun gun vary depending on the intensity set. Nonetheless, the muscle spasm they cause will temporarily incapacitate the criminal. You should strike direct skin for the best results, especially in vulnerable areas like the head, face, neck, and groin.

What are the benefits of getting a stun gun?

  • They are very effective in shock delivery
  • They are easily concealable
  • You can adjust the lethal setting
  • You can charge them with a standard USB cable

Drawbacks of the stun gun

  • You need direct contact with the attacker
  • Some campuses don’t permit stun guns

Spike Stun Gun

Urban Safety Solutions is a leading producer of industry-standard stun guns. All spike stun guns come with two metal prongs which increase impact surface area and can also be used as brute weapons. The spike stun gun also has a rubber coating for better grip and a loud enough trigger to alert anyone close to come and help.

Spike stun guns are light, can be charged with USB, and most impressively, deliver more than 20 million volts at the highest setting. Get your spike stun gun today from and improve your personal security.

3. Super Door Stop Alarm


Attackers won’t just follow you when you’re outside. Data reveals most home break-ins target females and college students. If you live alone in an apartment, you stand a greater chance of experiencing a break-in, whether you’re around or not.

The gadgets mentioned above are great for when you’re facing the assailant one-on-one. However, if you’re asleep, someone could easily break in, burglaries you, and even assault you. One of the best ways to stop this from happening is with a super door stop alarm.

A super door stop alarm wedges the door shut such that it’s nearly impossible to open from the outside. Additionally, the device comes equipped with an alarm that goes off if someone tampers with the door.

Alongside the super door stop alarm, you can take other effective measures to safeguard yourself from burglaries and break-ins. These measures include shutting your widows tightly, using translucent blinds and heavy curtains, securing your locks, and turning off the lights when not in use.

What are the advantages of a super door stop alarm?

  • The wedge is impossible to break or tamper with
  • You can easily carry the device with you when traveling
  • The alarm notifies you when someone tampers with the door
  • They are legal in every state, country, and even school

Buy your super door stop alarm today

The super door stop alarm is a simple yet effective self-defense device. You can easily put it in your bag when you’re traveling or staying in a hotel or Airbnb. The 120bB alarm is sure to wake you and anyone close by in case someone tries to break in. 

4. Tactical flashlight


In most cases, you don’t know when you’ll find yourself out late. Maybe you got caught up at work, had a late class, or went out with your friends. When you’re walking at night or in a dark place, it’s always best to have a flashlight with you. 

Of course, you could just get a normal torch, but why not light your path and improve your self-protection with a tactical flashlight. This type of flashlight can temporarily distort the assailant’s vision as you get away or get help.

Other than the blinding light, you can also use it as an attack tool as the flashlight is made with tough material. Similar to the stun gun and pepper spray, you should aim for the vulnerable body parts when using the tactical flashlight. These include the eyes, nose, throat, and groin.

Benefits of having a tactical flashlight

  • A versatile tool that can be used as a flashlight or weapon
  • Flashlights are easy to carry and conceal
  • Lighting the flashlight in a pattern can draw attention and scare the attacker
  • They are legal in every state, region, and school

Drawbacks of the tactical flashlight

  • They have a short-lived effect on the assailant
  • You have to be close to the attacker to use it as a weapon

Get the self-defense zoomable flashlight provides you with a state-of-the-art tactical flashlight for all college girls. The flashlight has a 1200 lumen power, enough to draw attention to yourself when you’re in danger. The flashlight can also blind your attacker and has a range of more than 50 feet. Moreover, since the flashlight is made with strong aluminum metal, it’s durable and can withstand brute force.

5. College Survival Kit


Every college girl and young professional needs a urban college survival package to keep yourself safe at all times. College girls are especially susceptible to attacks from burglars, murderers, rapists, and all kinds of evildoers. Having your college survival kit will help you get out of any compromising situation.

Every urban college survival kit includes practical self-defense devices like the spike stun gun with 20 million voltage power, wildfire pepper spray, and a super door stop alarm. These devices offer a comprehensive stun gun kit for college girls everywhere. is your partner in self-defense solutions. As a top-rated member of the Better Business Bureau, you can be sure every item you purchase has been tested for quality. Additionally, these self-defense products are customized to help women and college students stay safe at all times.

Focusing on practicability, efficiency, and portability, you can use these gadgets anywhere, from schools, outdoors, in a club, and even in the house. Get your self-protection devices today and improve our security at all times.

Ultimately, your security is in your own hands. You could wait until something bad happens to you, or you can be proactive and prepare for any scenario. And with gender-based violence cases on the rise, it’s a matter of time before you or someone you know gets attacked. Will you be prepared or caught unaware? The choice is up to you, and can help you make the right choice and always be prepared.

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