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Precisely How I Was Warned Real-Time Of An Ongoing Robbery

I received what appeared to be a most unusual phone call a few days ago. I recognized the voice at the other end of the line as my moms housekeeper. She seemed distressed. On the background there was banging and crashing and also unfamiliar male voices.

Curiosity got the best of me thus I stayed on and recognized immediately that the househelp was not in fact addressing me directly. It dawned on me then that I was having an initial encounter with a new intruder motion alert of hers that mom had been heaping praise on.

My old lady had obtained a TeleSpy Intruder Alert that she imparted brings together auto dialing and motion detection functions to function as a hardworking monitoring system. All it needs from you is a normal telephone to go with its motion sensor and microphone.

In a nutshell this home security alert calls a pre-entered telephone number the moment it discerns activity. By picking up the call you get to listen in on the room being guarded via the devices powerful microphone that could detect normally fainter sounds.

Putting the puzzle pieces together had me thinking that something awfully alarming was taking place at moms house. I could just conclude that she had preset my telephone number into the program however where might she have been all that time?

I remembered mommy laboring the point of her alerting gizmo providing a listening time of some 30 seconds before resetting for the next bout of motion sensing. After the call got cut off and my phone was contacted yet again I lost virtually no time dialing 9-1-1.

So I arrived at the house to find a pair of handcuffed men in a police car and the maid within a paramedics van. Apparently the 2 had tied her to the stair rails and gone on to ransack the place. Afterwards I saw mommy pull up outside.

I heard mommy tell the cops that her intruder motion alert uses PIR or passive infrared technology to see body heat from any new human presence. Afterwards she introduced me to my persistent caller and also her housekeepers lifesaver.

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