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Preventing Thieves From Destroying Your Business

Infrared LED Flashlight Hidden Camera with DVR and Laser Pointer


Preventing thieves from destroying your business is possible with covert spy gear.

My brother managed a school supply business. Recently he had been missing a number of boxes of pencils and also pens. So then he asked to use my very own spying equipment to discover who was responsible for the losses.

For me covert cams are effective since they were made specifically to monitor people or locations regardless if you are there or not. These are designed to appear like regular everyday items so that nobody will suspect that they are being monitored.

A frat brother informed me once that covert cams with an integrated digital video recorder do not need to have installation to begin recording. These are similar to plug and play tools which work out of the box. To watch the playback you simply link one to your TV or equivalent screen using the supplied RCA cable or connect the free SD card into your PCs memory card reader.

I had an infrared LED flashlight hidden spy video camera. It is fitting for those who may wish to know what is going on in the dark like police officers, security officers or hunters. The lens is located in the flashlight right at its middle. It is a very compact and also portable camera. You could conceal this easily as well.

I decided to patrol the warehouse one evening and see if I could uncover several clues in regards to what happened to those missing boxes of items.

Gradually I walked as quietly as I could right up until I started to hear some voices. I then saw 3 males with flashlights at the far side of our storehouse.

They were three of my siblings deliver guys. I moved in nearer for my nanny cam to start recording their discussion. At that time they were intending to take an entire truck of merchandise.

I showed the feed to my brother on that very evening and went with him to the police to file a report. The men were apprehended right away. Without my spying equipment and me my brother said that his business would have died an unnecessary death.

Covert surveillance equipment will monitor what’s going on at your business when out of the office.

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