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Protect College Students From Crime | Xtreme Urban Survival Kit

Xtreme Urban Survival Kit with 2 ounce wildfire pepper gel, black spike 20 million volt rechargeable stun gun and 125 decibel super door stop alarm

Protect College Students from Crime| Xtreme Urban Survival Kit

Xtreme Urban Survival Kit will help protect college students from crime. Think campuses are safe places for students, especially for female college students? Think again.

Safety is a big issue for college students, whether living in college dorm rooms or off-campus apartments. Examples of crimes reported by college students include burglary and theft, hate crimes, sexual assault, larceny, and stalking, just to mention a few.

College is supposed to be the coolest part of your child’s life, a time for independent living, bizarre traditions, and discovering who she is. But in as much as you trust your child’s common sense during such times, sometimes things do get out of hand, and a self-protection kit could really come in handy.

What is Xtreme Urban Survival Kit

Xtreme Urban Survival Kit is a useful collection of James bond Esque non-lethal self-defense tools to protect college students from crime. This includes a super door stop alarm, one wildfire pepper gel and a 20-million-volt spike stun gun – conveniently in black color.

College time is no time to live in fear. Sadly, that is going to be the case if you fail to protect your daughter from crime, and she ends up learning about it the hard way. Sometimes, what doesn’t kill does not leave a person stronger but devastated and living in fear. Equipping your college-going child with an easy-to-use self-defense kit will help keep them safe.

Advantages of the Xtreme Urban Survival Kit

The super door stop alarm brings peace of mind. It is a compact, battery-powered device. It has a movement sensor so that the alarm goes off if slightly tampered with, drawing attention to the crime. It can serve as a door wedge alarm to keep off burglars from dodgy campus dorm room apartments where the user has no idea just who has the key to their room.

The inflaming power of raw pepper helps stop attackers and get away safely. It travels farther than pepper spray and won’t over-spray in other directions. Its effects last for about 45 minutes without any permanent damage. It also carries a UV identifying dye for perpetrator identification.

The spike stun gun can be used to dissuade an attacker by firing warning charges in the air or disable them by jamming the spikes into their eyes/muscles and pumping a million volts of electricity in their body. It comes conveniently in black so you can surprise your attacker with brutal stopping force when walking or running alone through dark streets.

Xtreme Urban Safety Kit does not cause permanent damage. They only help disable the attacker momentarily the user gets away. Cases of death due to spike stun guns are rare. In most cases, the person has an underlying heart condition. But aside from that, the Xtreme Urban safety kit is a collection of useful non-lethal self-protection tools to protect college students from crime.

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