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Protecting Your Home From Thieving Caregivers And Domestic Help

Air Freshener Hidden Camera with DVR

This customer shares her unfortunate experience with caregivers and domestic help…

I was forced to research where can i buy spy gear online , after an undesirable experience with an entrusted babysitter we discovered stole several of pieces of our china and silverware. The experience has made me even more aware about security and how to covertly monitor domestic help. Before hiring another baby sitter, I researched spy cameras, spy cams and the like and learned that they are cleverly disguised. Such as an office hidden camera dvr that I now have in my home office.

In so doing, I discovered that hidden cameras with DVR were readily available for home use. So, I looked at my choices and also bought a few. I also discovered online an affordable alternative to expensive security systems.

The wall clock hidden camera with DVR which I bought went right into into living room. Nobody would ever think that the fully working wall clock hanging on my wall really hides a camera having a motion-activated DVR.

A motion-activated DVR starts recording video footage only once activity is discovered. This saves me the effort of needing to rewind and also fast-forward through uneventful portions of the recording.

I also purchased an iPod hidden camera DVR dock station and perched it over the bedside table in the master bedroom. Apart from being a hidden camera, the multifunctional device functions as an iPod music player and charger, and AM/FM radio, as well as a buzzer.

To complete my small army of nanny cameras, I acquired a smoke detector hidden camera with DVR and set it up in the kitchen. It functions perfectly as a smoke detector and as a spy camera. Carefully positioned on the ceiling, it records everything within my kitchen area.

Because of the built-in DVR of all the surveillance cameras which I obtained, installing them was a piece of cake. To get them functioning, all I truly had to do was take them out of the package and locate the perfect place for each.

Furthermore, hidden cameras with DVR offer 2 playback options. The first is with an included RCA cable that readily hooks the camera up to any kind of TV or screen. One more is by plugging the provided memory card into the card reader of a computer. Adequately equipped with these devices for gathering proof, I am now at ease to leave my home in the hands of my household assistants.

I have shared with my neighbors how they too can protect their home from thieving caregivers and domestic help.


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