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Reasonably Cheap Security For Your Room

As an avid electronics geek I enjoy to assemble my own electronic gadgets wherever this was useful. I reside in a guesthouse with my own room but share living facilities with five other tenants.

As soon as my room was ransacked and my own safe was stolen I wanted right away to purchase a hidden camera system but did not have all that much cash. After reading relevant articles on the web I decided to build my very own DIY DVR surveillance system.

I bought a USB DVR from a buddy at a reasonable price. It connects to your computer via a USB port and handles approximately four cameras. I chose to buy board cameras since they are super easy to hide.

The DVR supported 5 levels of quality to help save storage space and came equipped with a user-friendly interface. It also allowed me to see live video feeds or previous videos online.

It came with a full suite of video playback capabilities and could record to your personal computer hard drive USB stick Zip Drive or even to a CD. My aim when placing the cameras was to get the entire room covered.

The first camera went into my desk lamp. Among the posts on my bed frame had an unobstructed view of the door to my room so I took it apart as well and installed my second camera in it.

I put the 3rd camera in a small statue that I had sitting on my shelf and the 4th one I hid by the Tv which came with my room. By doing this security cameras had my whole room covered.

Immediately after testing the cameras as well as the DIY DVR I let it run. The footage revealed that a few of my flat mates had been entering my room to take things. Upon investigation by the police I recovered my safe with its contents intact.

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