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Recording Spy Camera Images Will Go Unnoticed Via DVR Concealed Cameras

The following demonstrates how surveillance technology is assisting business owners today…

Our employees are giving me something to think about.  All day long, our delivery boys are out delivering goods to our clients.  So busy at their tasks, all our employees seem to be.  But there is something that is going on that I can’t really explain.

I am not really sure if all their hours are spent in work-related activities alone.  I just acquired this company and now I have to make sure that all their company time is spent only for work.

The way I could determine this was suggested by a friend connected with a security company.  He informed me that recording spy camera images is the method companies usually resort to.

I will need to put in specific locations DVR hidden cameras, he told me.  The first one he suggested was the DVR Air Purifier Hidden Camera.

The recording spy camera can capture every event that happens in the office while I am not there.  It can also be remotely controlled so they will not notice.

The Car Key Hidden Camera with Audio can be used by my personal driver as he accompanies the delivery boys in their rounds to record their conversations.  I can assign him to do this periodically.  Even as the recording spy camera acquires their images, their voices will also be recorded.

The DVR Exit Sign Color Hidden Camera was also one of the DVR hidden cameras that he recommended.  This will be used for recording spy camera images of those who are coming in late or going out early, and loitering employees.

He also suggested the DVR Wall Clock Color Hidden Camera which I will put in the conference room.  I can see whether they are there for office tasks or just personal activities.  All of these DVR hidden cameras are easily connected to a computer monitor or a TV for video playback and all have SD cards for recording the video.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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