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Restaurant 4 Channel Wired DVR Surveillance System

Megan brushed her palm against the shiny stainless steel door on her new walk-in fridge.  She was only a few days away from opening her very own restaurant.  It had been more than a few years since she graduated from culinary school, and she had proven herself in some pretty tough kitchens over the years.  Now, she thought, it was her time to shine.

She used her savings to renovate an abandoned gas station on the fringe of town.  Even though she couldn’t rely on downtown foot traffic like her competitors did, she figured that her four star cooking and the free parking would coax folks away from the city of St. Louis for a delicious meal.

Now that the walls were pained and the equipment was in place, she could finish training her new team in time for their grand opening in two weeks.  As Megan reached over to turn out the lights, she heard a crash.  Startled, she called out, “Hello? Who’s there?”

Megan paced over to the center workstation and unsheathed the biggest knife she could find.  She leveled it in her hand as she crept toward the back door.  In a move that would make most FBI instructors proud, she kicked open the service entrance door, crouching behind the firewall.  Nothing moved, and took a long, deep breath of fresh air.

The next morning, she railed at her realtor on the telephone. “What’s going to happen to my business if I’ve got to worry about someone coming through the back door to rob us blind?”

Fortunately, Megan’s Realtor had heard it all before, and suggested a practical solution.  She told Megan about a 4 Channel Wired DVR Surveillance System that included four color cameras, a 4-channel DVR, a 17 inch LCD monitor and all necessary cables.  The cameras would capture anything suspicious and record directly to the DVR.

The night of Megan’s grand opening was a huge success, and she had rested a little easier once the Outdoor Motion Alarm System was watching over the restaurant.  As she prepared to close up for the night, she heard that same crashing sound one more time.  Instead of reaching for a sharp object, she swiveled to face the monitor.  Instead of seeing a thief or a looter, she saw a big fat, black cat hustling away from the dumpster.

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P.S. You can keep an eye on your property day and night with the same 4 Channel Wired DVR Surveillance System that Megan used.


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