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Safeguarding A Business Office With A High Potential For Fraud


When my little brother ran for political office at the town level I knew precisely what to do. For all the time that he supported my hockey career right up until college I wanted to be of use to Ryan. So I had him put me in charge of security after I joined his campaign team.

It was constant exposure to arena sports tournaments that initially woke up my curiosity about surveillance gear. I was a pro in how to install a hidden camera prior to taking home the state championship. To prepare for the elections I proceeded on the internet to go shopping.

As I told Ryan security cameras arent any good when their secret presence is going to affect a workforce to put their best foot forward. Hidden cameras on the other hand will not so much as interrupt their operations but rather watch out for fraud quietly.

Even better are spy cameras with built-in DVR. Why hurt myself setting up a monitoring system when these babies are point-and-shoot? As a video recorder is inside the device already you can start utilizing it straight out of the box.

The sweetest thing was that I understood exactly what brother needed. A ceiling-mounted camera would provide a great view of a seemingly endless paper trail of survey queries and vote pledges and hence a smoke detector DVR hidden camera.

Putting up fire protection devices in an office littered with paper should be an applauded effort all its own. Now how much more perfect could it be that I secured a completely working smoke detector also concealing a video camera?

Given that it has a motion-detecting DVR I could leave this smoke detector hidden camera to start recording by itself upon sensing movement. For playback I can slot the bundled 8GB SD card into a computer. The DVR supports up to 32GB as well.

Alternatively I can plug my spy camera into a Television set utilizing an RCA cable. My younger brother agrees that even though you dont believe you know how to install a hidden camera you can work a DVR camera with no sweat.

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