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Safety Devices for Women Traveling Alone | Urban Safety Solutions

Safety Devices for Women Traveling Alone | Urban Safety Solutions

Urban Safety Solutions is a small business dedicated to empowering women to travel confidently. We are a woman-owned business, and we want you to feel safe, secure, and confident in your travels.

Whether traveling domestically or abroad, on a short trip or an extended stay, hiking solo, or taking time off, we believe that every woman deserves the right to feel safe on her next adventure. We have personally tested our products throughout years of solo travel and recommend them 100 %.


The Rise of Solo Travel 

Many women choose solo travel as a much-needed respite from the pressures of daily life. Solo travel is also a great way to learn about yourself and meet new people. But as with any adventure, it’s important to stay safe when traveling alone.

Therefore, we’ll tell you about some of the best personal safety gadgets for female travelers — most of which you can carry in your purse — and give you some tips on ways to stay safe while traveling the world by yourself. Gadgets

Our website has dozens of devices to help you stay safe when traveling. We have items specifically for solo female travelers, such as a door wedge alarm that alerts you if someone tries to enter your room via the door (it will also alert your neighbors). Our solo female travel gadgets are affordable and easy to use. 

Airbnb Door Stop Alarm Kit

If you feel unsafe staying in an Airbnb rental, there is a simple way to alert yourself to someone entering the room while you’re asleep. The Urban Safety Solutions Door Stop Alarm Kit is designed to stay between the door and floor so that once you’ve retired for the night, no one can enter without waking you up. If your host tries to enter without your permission, there will be an audible alarm and flashing lights to alert you that someone is coming in unexpectedly.

Personal Safety Alarm Kit

Keep yourself safe with this Personal Security Alarm Kit from Our products are designed to help you take control of your environment and stay safe while still enjoying your trip. Please choose between our personal safety alarm kit or door stop alarm kit, depending on what you need. We also offer a variety of other personal safety devices, including Airbnb door stop alarm kits and key chain pepper spray.

Personal safety alarms

A personal alarm falls among the best personal safety devices for women who travel alone. It’s compact and can fit in your bag or purse, but if you press the alarm button and hold it down, it emits an ear-piercing sound that will deter attackers and draw attention to your location.

This 130dB Personal Safety Alarm has a built-in LED light and comes with a keyring attachment so you can attach it to any zipper pull or key ring for easy access in an emergency. It’s available in two different styles: black with pink flowers and pink with white flowers.

The advantage of the Urban Safety Solutions alarm is that you can activate it from a distance — if someone is approaching you on the street, you don’t have to get close enough to use pepper spray. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t work in situations were getting close is unavoidable — say, if an intruder tries to grab you from behind.

Pepper gel

Another name for these devices is mace, after the originally used chemical as the active ingredient. (Nowadays, other chemicals are used.) 

You should always keep the pepper gel handy when you travel because it’s compact and easy to conceal. You can attach the compact can to your keychain or carry it in a pocket or handbag. 


Our Wildfire Pepper Gel will disable anyone within a few feet of where it’s sprayed — even if they’re wearing protective gear like goggles and a mask — so it’s particularly useful in situations where you might be outnumbered. However, since pepper spray causes coughing, sneezing, and temporary blindness, it’s important not to use it indoors unless in emergencies.


Personal Security Alarm Kit 

The Personal Security Alarm Kit includes a personal alarm keychain, a super door stop alarm, and other personal defense items. These tools are useful whether you are traveling or at home. The personal alarm keychain sounds 130 decibels when the pin is pulled and is easily attached to any bag or set of keys. The door stop alarm slides under any door and alerts you if someone tries to pry open the door; this is especially useful in hotels where the self-locking doors may seem secure but aren’t always locked from the inside. 


Whether you live alone, travel alone often for work or pleasure, or are simply concerned about personal safety during your daily activities, it’s important to be prepared for any situation. offers dependable personal safety alarms that are small enough to fit into your purse, pocket, or briefcase so you can take them with you wherever you go.


Xtreme urban survival kit 

At, we travel worldwide for both business and pleasure. Our numerous trips have made us aware of the dangers outside our front door. Traveling alone as a woman can be dangerous if you aren’t prepared for it. So, we decided to introduce the Xtreme urban survival self-defense kit with lots of product choices and even more information about each one so people will be better informed when they go shopping for their own safety products. Our Xtreme Urban Survival Kit contains;


One Spike Stun Gun 20 Million Volt: 


Ours is the premier stun gun that incorporates a spike electrode design for added protection. It’s the proper size to fit in your purse or pocket and can be used as a flashlight when you need it. 


Some women have been afraid of walking home alone at night when they’ve had to work late, or they may not be comfortable going out on a date with someone they just met. 


Others have felt uneasy about walking through a crowded parking lot at the mall where their car is parked far away from the entrance. There’s no reason women should live in fear of being attacked when they can defend themselves with a powerful nonlethal stun gun that incapacitates an attacker in less than 3 seconds.


One Wildfire Pepper Gel

This pepper gel comes with a UV marking dye and uses a flip-top safety cap to prevent accidental discharge. It also has a finger grip dispenser for improved aim and range of 18 feet. 


The Urban Safety Solutions pepper gel is sticky, sticking to clothing and skin. It causes extreme pain, burning sensation in the eyes, temporary blindness, and immediate coughing and choking. The attacker will be unable to breathe for up to 45 minutes. It has an effective range of 18 feet. You can spray up to 20 times with this product.


One Super Door Stop Alarm


You’ll feel safe with this door stop alarm which is easily portable and sounds at 120 dB if someone tries to open your door! 


If you need protection in your hotel room or at home when you don’t have time to call 911, this device will allow you to escape from an intruder that has broken into your home or hotel room. The alarm is triggered when pressure is applied on either side of the doorstop alarm causing it to sound.


Benefits of Our Non-lethal personal security devices 

For women traveling alone, the biggest concern is their safety.‘s non-lethal personal security devices can help women feel safer when traveling alone.


They’re non-lethal


Non-lethal personal defense weapons can be a great option for women traveling alone. They effectively disable an attacker and are less likely to cause long-term damage than a firearm. These include pepper spray, door alarms, and stun guns. If you’re uncomfortable with carrying a gun, pepper spray or stun guns can be a good alternative. They are not lethal, but they can prevent someone from attacking you or allow you to escape an attack.


They can prevent or escape physical attacks.

Pepper gel is non-lethal, so it’s less likely to get you into trouble than carrying a gun. Pepper gel has been used for years by police officers and civilians in dangerous situations. It’s also easy to use, and even the most inexperienced user can effectively use this weapon in an emergency.


They can help deter theft.

Most portable security devices are easy to carry in your purse or on your keychain, making it hard for someone to steal them from you without you knowing it. These devices must always be with you (on your person), so they can be quickly accessed if needed. If a non-lethal device is used correctly, it will deter theft and make people think twice about stealing from you or attacking you.


They can be hidden and are hard to disarm.

It is good to know that the products you use to protect yourself are safe and effective. The self-defense products that are available today are disguised as regular objects like lipsticks, pens, travel mugs, etc. A would-be attacker would not realize they were being attacked until it was too late. This gives you time to escape from a bad situation and seek help.


They are easily accessed.

Many people worry about using personal protection products because they do not want them out in the open where others might see them or be tempted to grab them. You can feel confident knowing that the only person who will know where the devices are stored is you. They can be carried inside of bags, pouches, or pockets so that others won’t know they’re there, but you’ll have quick access if you need it.


Non-lethal self-defense products are legal.

For most people, their first choice of self-defense would be a gun. But guns are not legal in many states. If they are legal, they must be registered with the authorities and carried in your handbag. Even though you may take a course on using a gun, there is no guarantee that you will hit your target when someone is attacking you or trying to steal your valuables.


They give protection from crime, such as robbery and carjacking.

At Urban Safety Solutions, We constantly hear about women being mugged or having their bags snatched on busy streets. These crimes happen because attackers know that women don’t carry weapons and are easy targets. With non-lethal security devices, potential attackers will think twice before targeting someone carrying one of these devices. The presence of such a device will deter them from committing this kind of crime.


Easy to carry and store in your handbag

One problem with regular weapons is that they are large and bulky, which makes them difficult to carry with you all day long. But non-lethal self defense products are small enough to fit in your purse or briefcase, where they’ll be easily accessible if the need arises. This means they can be carried with you at all times without making you feel weighed down or uncomfortable.


Safer than carrying a gun

Many women who think about getting a weapon for self-defense opt for pepper spray. Pepper spray is safer, easier to use, and less expensive than a gun. An armed woman may not have time to get her gun out before being attacked. A woman who carries the Urban Safety Solutions pepper spray can use it quickly if someone tries to attack her. It’s also easy to conceal pepper spray in a purse or jacket.


They are effective against attackers.

Pepper spray works on anyone, regardless of their size or weight. It also incapacitates an attacker so that the woman can get away safely and call the police.


Women should consider carrying non lethal personal security devices when they travel alone. These devices make it easier for women to protect themselves in unsafe situations.


Non lethal personal safety devices can greatly improve a woman’s safety.


You never go anywhere without your personal safety gadgets. They are easy to use, inexpensive and memorable in an emergency.


Non lethal personal security products can help you avoid using and owning lethal weapons.

Non-lethal means that these products are not intended to cause serious harm or kill an attacker. Having one of these devices on hand may prevent you from pulling out another weapon — like a knife or gun — and using it against an attacker.


Non-lethal personal security tools give women more options when it comes to travel.

You don’t have to be afraid to explore new areas because, with the right product, you’ve got the confidence you need to maintain your personal safety. And if your device isn’t effective in warding off an attacker, you still have other options such as pepper spray or physical self-defense skills to get away safely.


Non lethal personal safety items can help you avoid using or owning lethal weapons.

The thought of having to use a weapon to protect yourself from an attacker is not one that most women like to think about, but they need to know that there are other options available if they ever need them.           


Women who choose non-lethal personal security devices don’t want to hurt anyone. Just get away from them.


Personal safety depends on having a plan and being aware of your surroundings. Non-lethal personal security devices can make women feel more comfortable when traveling alone.


Non-lethal personal security devices are tools that help women avoid becoming victims of violence. A recent survey found a key part of the personal security strategy for more than half of all women who travel alone. 


Tips for using Personal Defense Gadget on Airbnb Rental Properties 

Here are useful tips to maximize your safety and security on Airbnb vacation properties.


Know the options. Non-lethal personal safety devices come in many forms, including pepper sprays and stun guns. Some are compact and easy to carry, while others are heavier, like a mace flashlight with an alarm built into the handle.


Don’t overreact. You don’t have to use these products at the first sign of trouble — or even if you’re sure you’re about to be attacked. Just getting out of an uncomfortable situation may be enough to keep you safe. The last thing you want is to escalate things by using these products unnecessarily!


Make sure it doesn’t look like a toy.

Your weapon mustn’t look like a toy. The color is the first thing to consider. When shopping for a firearm, make sure you choose one that looks similar to the firearms used by police. This will make it more likely that you will not be targeted by someone who wants to get ahold of a gun.

Consider how much training you’ve had.

If you’ve not used a weapon before, you must take a class or seek out some type of instruction before purchasing one. Even if you are comfortable using non lethal weapons, it is still important to understand how and how to use them properly. It is also important to know what to do in the event of an emergency to get help as quickly as possible.

Make sure the weapon is allowed in your jurisdiction.

You should always check with your local police department or county clerk’s office before purchasing any type of weapon, even if it is nonlethal. There might be laws in your area that prevent certain types of weapons from being sold or carried in public places such as schools or parks.

Keep it with you at all times.

If you’re going to carry a non-lethal weapon for personal safety, you need to make sure that you always have it on you. Otherwise, if an attacker tries to attack you and you don’t have your weapon, you’ll be in a really bad spot.

Keep it accessible and ready to use.

You should also make sure that your weapon is accessible. Don’t put it in the bottom of your bag where it will be hard for you to get out quickly. It’s best if you can keep it in a holster or something similar so that all you’ve to do is reach down and grab it without having to dig through anything else first.

Don’t tell anyone about it except someone you trust absolutely.

Another important tip for using non-lethal tools for personal safety is that you shouldn’t tell anyone about them other than someone that you trust absolutely. If someone knows that you have a weapon on your person, they may try to steal it from you before they attack, or they might try to attack while your guard is down because they know that they can easily disarm you once they get close enough.

Be aware of the consequences of using the weapon against another person, including the risk of escalating an attack.

You don’t want to end up in a situation where you have to use violence against someone else, but if you must use your non-lethal weapon while defending yourself, remember that you will have to be prepared for what might come next.

Be prepared to use the device against an assailant 

know what you are willing to do and be ready to do it. When you get caught up in a moment of panic, it can be very difficult to think about the right course of action. Always keep this in mind and practice using your non-lethal weapon so that when push comes to shove, you will know how to react without hesitation or fear.

Learn how to use your weapon properly

If you want to be safe, you need to know how to use the weapon you are carrying. This means knowing how it works and using it if the situation calls for it. If you don’t know how to use your non-lethal weapon properly, then you could end up getting yourself in trouble or potentially hurting someone else who is trying to protect you.

Know when NOT to use it

You also must know when not to use your weapon. There are a lot of situations where using a non-lethal weapon isn’t the best idea, and if this happens, you should try another approach instead. For example, if someone has a knife or gun, then using pepper spray won’t do anything except make them angry, which could attack you even more aggressively than before!

Remember that non-lethal weapons are for self-defense purposes only

You should never use any of these weapons to attack someone. They should only be used as a last resort because many of them can cause serious damage if they are not used correctly. If you have one of these weapons with you and someone starts attacking you, you should use it to get away from them safely.

Don’t start violence.

You need to make sure that you don’t start any fights with the people around you. This is because sometimes the person who uses a weapon first is the person who gets in trouble, so if it’s possible, try not to use your weapon until absolutely necessary.

Non-lethal weapons aren’t meant to be used offensively — they’re meant to be used defensively.

Discreet safety devices  for female solo travelers (pepper gel, personal alarm)

Women face unique safety issues when they travel, especially solo. While solo travel can be a liberating experience, and many women have traveled the world without incident, there are some common-sense precautions you can take to maximize your safety while you’re on your own.

It’s important to feel confident that you have options if something happens. A pepper gel is a discreet self-defense option that’s easy to carry around (and even easier to use). It’s an effective deterrent against attackers because the gel sticks to their skin and eyes, causing temporary blindness and intense burning sensations.

A personal alarm is another discreet self-defense tool that can help alert people around you if something happens. Personal alarms have been proven effective in deterring attackers because of their loud noises — over 140 decibels at times!

While many parts of the world are perfectly safe for female solo travelers, it’s always smart to be prepared. Beyond common-sense precautions like staying in well-lit areas and avoiding dark alleys, many tools and gadgets can help you feel safer.

Safety gadgets for solo travelers

Doorstop alarm. This device was designed as a child safety device, but it can also help secure hotel doors and deter intruders. The wedge-shaped alarm slips under the door and makes a piercing noise if anyone tries to open it from the outside. 

Stun gun: One of the biggest concerns for single women travelers is how to bring back their lost sense of security and feel safe in their skin again. Living in fear is not an option, and this is why we offer a variety of products that will make sure that you remain safe no matter where you are. The stun gun is designed to be easy to use, lightweight, discreet, and extremely effective at keeping attackers away. We aim to ensure that our customers lead a more fearless life with peace of mind.

The Best Travel Safety Accessories 

You know what they say, safety first. When traveling by yourself, it’s important to take the appropriate safety precautions. Here are a few things you should have when traveling alone.

1. Money Belt

One of the best ways to stay safe while traveling is to keep your valuables out of sight. A money belt is a perfect way to do this, and it ensures that you always have quick access to important documents, cash, and credit cards. Money belts are usually worn around the waist like a belt or attached to a bra strap.

2. Personal Alarm

Personal safety alarm kits are a must for any solo female traveler. Personal alarms are inexpensive and super easy to use – simply pull a pin out from the device, and it emits a loud noise that will scare off any potential attacker or draw attention from nearby people.

3. Hidden Wallet

These are great for keeping cash and credit cards hidden in plain sight, as they look just like your regular wallet but with a secret compartment on the back where you can stash some cash and other important items such as passports or ID cards.

4. A fully charged phone

Have a fully charged phone for calling emergency numbers. Request an Uber or Lyft instead of wandering around looking for a Taxi

Always have your phone(s) charged and on you at all times. 

5. Pepper gel

Carry pepper gel on you at all times and carry it well concealed. Keep it in your bag or purse but make sure that it is easily accessible in an emergency. (Pepper Spray Laws)

6. Door wedge alarm

If you stay alone at an Airbnb, carry a doorstop wedge for extra security. It not only keeps the door tightly locked but also gives out a loud alarm when someone tries to break in.

Travel Safety Must-Haves 

You can take control of your safety by going with the right travel gear. These products will give you peace of mind when you’re traveling solo.

A GPS app for your phone.

You can use and the pro version, which allows you to download an unlimited number of maps and access other features such as weather information, currency conversion, and more.

Personal safety alarm kit

The biggest advantage of our personal alarm is that it can fit into your pocket or your handbag, and it looks just like a regular screwdriver – people won’t know that it has an alarm function until they see you use it! 

A fake wallet.

Another safety tool I recommend having in your arsenal is a fake wallet or purse with money (in local currency), fake credit cards, and expired travel documents. If you are mugged, give them what they want without compromising your real wallet with all your important documents and credit cards.

Lock for your backpack

A small lock can provide a layer of protection against opportunistic thieves who want to get into your bag while in transit or while it’s sitting in an unsecured area like a bus station or a hostel room. This one has earned almost 500 5-star reviews on Amazon and gets the job done at an affordable price. If you typically carry a messenger bag or backpack with a zipper, this can act as extra protection against thieves who want to get into your bag while it’s unattended.

Portable door wedge alarm  combo

A door wedge alarm is an extremely handy tool that could save your life. This is true if you choose a hotel or hostel with people coming and going at all hours of the day. These door wedge alarms are placed under the door to prevent anyone from entering. However, the doorway can still open up wide enough for people to enter if they want to, but when they use force to do so, it sets off an ear-piercing noise that will alert anyone around so they can come running and help you out.

Personal anti-mug alarm

These are small personal safety alarms that are easy to carry. When you are in trouble, pull out the pin and make a loud noise to deter criminals. There are different types of personal anti-mug alarms available. Some personal alarms can be attached to your bag or belt and activated by remote control. The most popular one right now is a very small personal anti-mug alarm, the size of a lipstick tube, which can be carried in the handbag at all times.

Anti-rape device

The Urban Safety Solutions stun gun kit is a cutting-edge self-defense device that has recently gained popularity in America and Europe due to its stylish design. The product is designed as an ordinary lipstick tube with a built-in stun gun capable of emitting high voltage electric shocks. It fits easily into any purse or handbag for easy access and use.

Solo female travel packing list

You don’t need a big list. You need the Airbnb Solo Female Traveler Safety Kit designed to help you feel at ease when traveling alone. This personal safety alarm kit contains everything a solo female traveler needs to stay safe and secure in their Airbnb or hotel room. It comes with:

1 Door Stop Alarm. The door stop alarm wedges under any door and sounds an alarm if someone tries to open the door.

  1. Personal Alarm. The personal alarm clips on your key chain can be used to draw attention if you feel threatened or unsafe.
  2. Pepper gel. Our powerful pepper gel can be used for safety when walking around at night or for general use around the house following a break-in incidence.

What to Pack for Solo Travel

Apart from personal safety devices, you will need:

Travel documents: Carry a copy of your passport, driver’s license, and any other important documents with you at all times. Also, ensure you have the numbers for the local U.S. embassy or consulate so you know where to go if anything happens to your passport or other documents.

Cash: Make sure to withdraw cash from an ATM at the airport as soon as you arrive, in case you need money for taxi fare or food before you get to a place that accepts credit cards. In some countries or cities, they will not accept credit cards. If this is the case, make sure to convert some of your money into the local currency before arriving there using a currency converter app like XE Currency Converter.

Airbnb Travel Hotel Safety Kit

The Airbnb travel hotel safety package is perfect for any traveler that wants to feel secure in their hotel room at night. It contains all the essentials: pepper spray, door stop and alarm, glass break detector, and window latch lock.

Airbnb Travel Hotel Security Kit

This Airbnb travel hotel security kit is perfect for travelers that want to feel secure in their airbnb vacation properties at night. It contains all the essentials: pepper spray, door stop and alarm, glass break detector, and window latch lock.

Airbnb Solo Female Traveler Door Stop Alarm Kit

Our  Airbnb solo female traveler door stop alarm kit is perfect for anyone who wants to feel secure in their  airbnb rental properties at night. It contains all the essentials: pepper spray, door stop and alarm, glass break detector, and window latch lock.

Personal Safety Device Buying Guide for Solo Travelers 

The most effective non-lethal self-defense weapons are those that a woman uses instinctively and without hesitation.

A personal alarm makes a very loud noise when triggered. It can alert people in the vicinity to help.

Pepper gel causes instant, involuntary closure of the eyes, uncontrollable coughing, and difficulty breathing when sprayed into an attacker’s face.

The door stop alarm keeps your room tightly locked

Spike-style stun guns deliver a voltage of 1 million volts or more when pressed against an attacker’s body. They are not lethal, but they are painful.

A stun gun intended for self-protection should have enough power to incapacitate an attacker during the time it takes for you to escape the situation.

Personal safety alarms  FAQ

What should I consider before buying Non-lethal Personal Security Devices?

Non-Lethal Personal Security devices are a great way to protect yourself. They are easy to use, affordable, and easily concealable. We offer a variety of non-lethal personal security devices, including pepper spray, stun guns, and even personal alarms. When deciding on the best non-lethal personal security device for you, always remember to make sure you practice with it, so you know how it works! And always remember to check your local laws regarding the purchase and use of self-defense products.

Why choose pepper spray or bear spray over other options?

Pepper Spray is one of the most popular non-lethal personal security products we sell because it is easy to use, lightweight, and effective. You must always have a pepper spray product available when you need it. Pepper Spray comes in various forms, scents, sizes, and colors, so they are never out of style! You can find a pepper spray product from our selection of keychain sprays, mace brand sprays, or police strength sprays that work great in any situation.

What should be considered before buying any non lethal personal security devices?

A good Non-Lethal Personal Security Device should be:

  • Easy to use and carry.
  • Quick and reliable.
  • Legal in your state.
  • Practice safe use and care of the device.


When is the best time to use a Non-Lethal Personal Security Device?

The best time to use a Non-Lethal Personal Security Device is when the proper self-defense situation arises. If you are being stalked or threatened, use it as a means of escape rather than confrontation. Use the device as a surprise tactic when you are most vulnerable.

What to do after using a Non-Lethal Personal Security Device?

Call 911 or the local police immediately after using your nonlethal weapon. This will allow them to arrive quickly and take action against the perpetrator. You can also visit a hospital for an evaluation if you are unsure about your level of injury. A doctor will determine if you need medical treatment or not.


Non-lethal weapons can help women protect themselves, but they need to be used appropriately to work effectively. sells the safest and most advanced nonlethal weapons for women solo travel. Visit our website to make your purchase now!

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