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Safety First For Garages Converted Into Bedrooms

With 5 family members and only 3 rooms in the house my oldest son started to demand for a lot more privacy when he began high school. After much talk we agreed to turn the garage into a bedroom since we no longer park our vehicle in there. We installed 2 doors one leading to the dining area and the other as a side entrance to the garage/bedroom itself.

However my husband and I were concerned that our son might neglect to lock the side entrance door at night or that somebody might pick the doors lock. Thus we made a decision to purchase a low light outdoor bullet camera and install it by the side entrance to his room.

This surveillance camera has all the features which we need to have to be able to assure the safety of our son. On the other hand it is a low-light camera which could capture videos even with only a small amount of light available. Meanwhile it is also a high-resolution camera which can take high-quality videos.

Being a weatherproof camera it may be installed outdoors yet still carry out its job despite harsh weather elements. And being a bullet camera it could remain undetected due to its small size and simply because it can be situated in hard-to-reach spots.

The security camera could be either wired or wireless. The former is a lot simpler since it has a plug-and-play system. The latter meanwhile has a free 2.4 GHz receiver.

To make sure that it stays unnoticeable my hubby and I purchased the wireless camera. This option also saved us the trouble of hiding unpleasant-looking wires.

The outdoor camera could similarly capture videos either in black-and-white or in color. We decided to get the black-and-white camera as it can still offer high quality footage and do its primary task which is to keep an eye on the entrance to our sons room.

Ultimately it is a win-win situation for everybody. My son gets his brand new room and we by using a low light outdoor bullet camera for constant surveillance get some peace of mind.

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