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Safety Technology Trigger Stun Gun On Sale Now!

In recent times, the need to protect oneself from danger has increasingly becoming more important. We cannot possibly carry guns and other firearms because their ownership and use is heavily regulated. However, there is a safer alternative. Stun guns! This gun is a non- lethal alternative which can help provide protection from assault, mugging, and other potentially threatening situations. It can give the owner confidence for their safety. Trigger is a brand that has established itself in creating high quality products. And the good news is, the Safety Technology Trigger stun gun on sale now.
How to Choose the Correct Stun Gun?
Stun Guns have to be carefully thought through before purchase. The device doesn’t kill anyone and as such, there are fewer [if at all] legal implications involved. Be that as it may, there are certain things that you should keep in mind before choosing stun guns.
Find out whether carrying stun guns with you is legal in your city. Yes, some cities still haven’t made it legal. Also, you should know that a stun gun is different from a taser. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find them used interchangeably, even though they are not the same. The difference is their range. Tasers can be used from a distance of 15 feet as well as from a relatively closer range, but stun guns are close- range devices.
Stun Guns are easily available, from any shop or even in online retail outlets. However, you should always ensure they’re of good quality as you don’t want to end up with a bogus device when choosing something for your own safety. Trigger is one brand that you can always rely on and now that Safety Technology Trigger stun gun on sale now online, it makes the choice even easier.
How Does the Trigger Stun Gun Work?
Stun Guns are really easy to operate, just pointing it towards your attacker and pressing the trigger. They help to bring down an assailant/ attacker by giving out a strong, yet not fatal, jolt of electricity. This can immobilize the attacker, giving the holder enough time to run away or call for help.
Trigger Stun Gun has a unique trigger design. It has a flashlight which is a really bright 100 lumen, that can momentarily blind the attacker. The flashlight can also be used for everyday purposes of illumination when there’s no imminent danger or threat.
Why Should You Buy A Trigger Stun Gun?
While the Safety Technology Trigger stun gun is for sale now, you must be wondering why the product is more hyped as compared to others of a similar caliber. Here’s why.
1. Powerful
The most important feature of any stun gun is whether it’s powerful enough to provide protection from the assailant. Trigger’s Stun Gun is just that, powerful and effective. Trigger’s stun guns have power of 4.8 milliamps, making them your go-to non-lethal weapons in cross-attacking the assailant.
2. Compact Size
The Trigger stun gun is really small, which makes it relatively easier to carry around in your purse, or even in your pocket. You’ll always feel safe with Trigger and the best part is, your assailant will never see it coming.
3. Disability Safety Strap
The Trigger Stun Gun comes with a disabling pin strap. If any situation arises where you lose your stun gun or in the event it’s taken away by the assailant, you can just pull the pin strap and the gun will be disabled. The pin strap acts like a key of the gun.
4. Wildfire Campus-Safety Pepper Gel
On purchase of the stun gun, you’ll also get a pepper gel. A pepper gel is more effective than pepper spray as it can be used indoors and isn’t that effected by the wind blows. Also, you’ll get up to 25 bursts which is five times more than what major competitors offer. You can protect yourself from a distance too as the gel is effective even from a distance of 10 feet.
5. Drink Guard-Drink Test Strips
You’ll also get test strips which can help you to determine if your drink has been roofied. You’ll get ten test cards with each card having two tests on each side. These test strips are short and can be easily kept in a purse.
Its ease of use, fairly small size and stunning power is what makes the Trigger Stun Gun the most preferred non-lethal self-defense weapon.

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