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Securing Your Residence While You Are Away With DIY Video Security


It’s now possible for home owners to secure their residence while away…

You can learn something the simple way. Or you can learn this the difficult way, the same as we did a couple months ago the moment we traveled to Hawaii for some long overdue stress relief.

Sharon and I never worried about the house since we live within an extremely safe neighborhood, or so we thought. And then, just a couple of days into our vacation, Charlie from next door contacted me on my cell phone. Our front door had been forced open. Plenty of our stuff were gone. I knew, too late, that video security systems might have averted this from taking place.

The house was nearly cleaned out in the middle of the night. To make things worse, we got no way of identifying the offenders. We understood it would need time and money to replace all the things we lost however we decided that acquiring security equipment over the Internet got absolute first priority.

We looked on the Internet at security cams initially. They let you keep an eye on your own house or business for security or to check on your family or employees.

And we found that some surveillance cameras enable you to do this even from other places. We liked that.

We appreciated surveillance video camera systems much better. A package similar to this has security video cameras, a multi-channel DVR, as well as all the accessories and peripherals required. You are spared the trouble of looking for parts one by one, the wastes time and funds and can even lead to you ending up with the incorrect devices. A complete system such as this was just what we needed.

We acquired a 4 channel wired USB DVR surveillance system. It’s got a USB DVR, 4 wired day/night color bullet cams which are best for 24-hour duty as well as four 100-foot video cables.

I set the system up and connected the USB DVR into my laptop computer. Surveillance systems like ours allow you to keep an eye on your home not just from anywhere inside the country but anywhere on the globe. That was what we did last week, in Bali, for some needed stress relief soon after that previous vacation.

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