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Security Cameras for Nursing Home

It was late at night but Jenny was in no hurry to get home.  She and her girlfriends drove to the grocery store.  As they shopped, Jenny felt a tug on her sleeve.  Jenny’s eyes widened and Sarah shook her head frantically, but Melissa ignored their whispered protests and winked as she slipped a bottle of wine into her oversized purse.

Suddenly, the girls heard loud voices.  They rushed to the end of the aisle and saw a young man.  He kept his head ducked and demanded that the store clerk hand over the money in his register.  The store was being robbed!  The store clerk glanced uneasily up at the ceiling and the robber followed his gaze.  There were security cameras for nursing home or retail businesses overhead. The PTZ security cameras for nursing home and retail stores also record in limited light.

The robber cursed and ducked his head quickly.  The girls clutched hands and peeked around the edge of their aisle.  The robber saw switches on the wall and leaped forward to shut the lights off.  He told the store clerk to hurry with the money, but as the store lights turned off, the robber could see that the camera was still rolling.  The robber cursed loudly again and ran out of the store. These criminals will be disappointed to learn the security cameras for nursing home and retail stores still caught them in the act.

The girls hesitated and then ran from the aisle toward the front of the store.  Suddenly, there was an announcement over the intercom.  A loud voice directed the store clerk to turn the store lights back on.  The voice stated that the police had been notified and not to worry – the security cameras for nursing home or retail stores had automatically switched to black and white in the low-light conditions, so they had a good shot of the would-be robber.

As they heard the announcement, a couple of employees came from the back and approached the girls. Jenny and her friends were told that they also been caught on tape shoplifting the wine.  The girls were advised to return the wine and to leave their names and phone numbers with the store clerk in case the police wanted to contact them as witnesses. The security cameras for nursing home and retail stores are very effective at protecting facilities from criminal acts.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!



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