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Security Solutions For Running A Home Business

8 channel wireless DVR complete system

After my eldest child started out a home-based business venture at 14, our need for airtight house security doubled. It is a buy-and-sell gig that has her stowing goods in the garage and sometimes entertaining walk-ins on the front porch.

Although we have had a wireless security alarm system to deter burglars, we decided to reinforce it with an 8 channel wireless DVR complete system for surveillance. Evidence of attempted break-ins and also theft and my child’s dealings could then be gained.

Having 24/7 monitoring, I further hoped to safeguard my teenager from cons and cheats while being supportive of her entrepreneurial desire. I would stay and view her at work if I could but a full set of video cameras could be my eyes instead.

My own choice of full-out surveillance system consisted of a standalone DVR and eight color day/night bullet cameras, 50/50 wired and wireless, with 2.4 GHz video receivers for the latter. Video cables, a mouse, remote control and 17-inch LCD display were there, also.

Clearly, I favor wireless devices as I could do without bothersome cabling in my life. As only four wireless cameras can work together without frequency interference, I certainly can live with four wired cameras which I simply had to plug into the standard power outlet.

The setup uses an embedded DVR enabled for the whole networking. It can upload real time videos on the web from the eight security cameras, which means that I can have a little look-see around my residence wherever I am so long as I have Internet connection.

Given their size, bullet cameras are no trouble to install almost anyplace in any place. Neither do these types of day/night cameras have an issue making things out in a dimly lighted storeroom or the foyer under a high-noon sun.

As a bonus, the 8 channel wireless DVR complete system that I acquired is helping one fourteen-year-old take care of the progress of her little enterprise. Her mommy and I are pleased to sit back and enjoy the show, with as numerous replays as we like.

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