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Self Defense Weapons Less Than Less Than Lethal

Why buy a stun gun for your daughter? It’s because she needs protection. With the increasing crime rates all over the world, nobody feels that safe anymore. Burglaries, murders, rape and other heinous crimes are everyday occurrences that can happen right inside your home. A stun gun is self defense weapons less than lethal and most efficient and handy device for stopping an attacker who may strike at your teenage daughter wherever she is. Sure, a pepper or mace spray can do the job, but she has to use them directly on her assailants face taking effect. Another downside to those sprays is that they won’t give your beloved girl enough time to run from the scene and ask for help.

Other Advantages

Aside from safety and portability, this handheld non-lethal weapon is legal in most countries so you can carry it anywhere without fear of being apprehended by the authorities. Note, however, that this device cannot be carried inside air crafts, sports arenas or government institutions.

But its best feature lies in its design. Units are made to resemble cell phones, flashlights, or any common objects that can be found in anybody’s purse or pocket. This gives you the added advantage of catching your attacker by surprise. He’ll never think that your flashlight is a weapon that can stop him from doing his evil act on you.

How to Use It

This weapon is not a firearm in its true sense, in the real sense its a self defense weapons less than lethal; thus it should still be used with proper care and attention to get the desired results.

1. Practice using it by firing it up on the air for no more than 2 seconds to avoid damaging the unit. This will acquaint you with its parts to prepare you for the actual need arises.

2. Always have it handy when you have to stay late at work or go to your car in a dark parking lot.

3. If you need to use it, make sure that your hands or any body parts don’t touch the probes. This is to eliminate the possibility of you getting stunned yourself.

4. Try your best to aim it at the immobile portions of your assailant’s body like his hips or chest to ensure maximum effect. Press the trigger until your attacker is disabled. This should take approximately 3-5 seconds. Run and don’t turn your back.

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