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Setting Up a DVR Surveillance System

Many times when you look up spy cams or hidden cameras you tend to just find information on single cameras that can be hidden to record what happens for later viewing. While this can be helpful for some, it doesn’t address all the different situations and issues for which people purchase this type of camera. In some cases you want a system with multiple cameras where you can watch the video in real time should you desire. In these situations, a DVR surveillance system can be just the answer.

A DVR surveillance system usually comes with a number of cameras, as well as the DVR with enough channels for the number of cameras, video cables, and a monitor. This type of system is great if you want to be able to watch multiple locations at one time since you can set it to view all the channels at once on a single screen.

One use for a DVR surveillance system is to try to stop employee theft or shoplifting. In the case of employee theft, you will need to decide whether to make the locations of the cameras known or not, since if the employees know about the cameras they might be able to avoid being seen by them and you wouldn’t catch the people responsible. However, the knowledge that they are under surveillance might be enough of a deterrent by itself and stop the thefts from occurring, though that would mean the culprit would go uncaught.

A DVR surveillance system is also helpful if you want to keep an eye on the caretaker of your children. You could place one camera in each of the rooms where your children typically spend their time so that you can make sure that the caretaker is doing what he or she should be doing. This is nice to be able to do in the light of all the cases of child abuse that turn up. You can make sure that you have made the right decision about who should be taking care of your children. You can also make sure that they are following all of the house rules that you have put in place, and speak to them about any irregularities.

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