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Should You Buy Daughter Door Alarm Kit For College?

4 Must-Have Security Items for Every Lady

Have you ever been in a situation where you were scared for your life? Such moments not only leave an imprint of the negative incident, but they also leave a train of trauma. It is quite unfortunate that ladies are more prone to these scarring moments. For instance, when you look at most cases of insecurity in almost every region, you’ll notice these criminals target women.

As a woman, this means you have to be more careful about your surroundings. In fact, this also shows that you need to take matters relating to security in your own hands. Then, and only then, can you be assured of increased levels of safety.

However, contrary to what most believe, this is not a conversation to be had by one gender. Both sides need to chip in to safeguard ladies from unethical and unlawful acts such as rape and other heinous acts. provides effective personal protection tools and affordable self defense kit for active females.

For instance, it could be your sister, mother, daughter, or friends who could be assaulted. While you were not the one that was attacked, such an occurrence would have a direct impact on you. Consequently, this means that the whole community has to pull together to ensure that women all over are safe.

This goes beyond reacting when something has just happened. Instead, everyone needs to be proactive, and this could mean every lady is getting a door alarm kit, as well as taking other necessary safety measures.

While a door alarm kit is one of the most effective ways of keeping away the burglars and other criminals, there are additional techniques you can employ to beef up the security. These methods and techniques are effective whether you’re living in an apartment, college dorm, or even traveling and have to result to a hotel.

1. Pepper gel and spray

A door alarm kit is effective for when you’re indoors, but soon as you leave the comfort of your home, danger lurks in every corner. Having a can or two of pepper spray will ensure you remain safe at all times. With the Wildfire Pepper Spray, you can inflict unbearable pain on any attacker or someone trying to harass you.

While the pepper spray leaves no permanent damage on the assailant, it can incapacitate them for up to 45 minutes. This gives you ample time to run away, call for help, or even retaliate against the assailant. As you leave the house, you should always have some pepper gel and spray in your purse.

2. Stun gun

As seen above, a door alarm kit is effective indoor while pepper spray is preferred for the outdoors. However, you’ll need some distance between you and the assailant if you want to mount a defensive front effectively.

This, however, isn’t always the case. In cities and crowded areas, for example, assailants use the crowds to blend in and hide within the crowd. This also means you can’t go pepper spraying random people. While it may seem like an impossible case to handle, there’s actually a simple and efficient defensive mechanism, which is a stun gun.

In yesteryear’s, stun guns were bulky, and everyone would know you have one on you. Today, however, the situation has flipped, just like the door alarm system, stun guns have been getting smaller, but retain the high volts of electricity to scare anyone attempting to attack you.

The beauty about the stun guns is you can carry them around, even when you don’t have your purse or storage bag with you, you can easily fit one in your pocket. Additionally, it is easy to slip on and use, even in crowded places. With the rise and domination of technology, gadgets such as stun guns can now be charged with a USB.

This, however, doesn’t take away from its powerful jolt of electricity, which can go all the way to 20,000,000 volts, enough to stop the assailant dead in their track. You also get a lifetime warranty once you purchase the stun gun.

3. Doorstop alarm

Thieves and burglars have perfected acts such as picking locks and breaking and entering. While a healthy safe may not be enough to keep you out of harm’s way, a doorstop alarm system is an effective add-on to your security kits and features. The door stop alarm works in several simplistic yet ingenious ways.

For starters, there’s a door wedge alarm, once activated, will actively stop anyone from opening the door. Additionally, the doorstop alarm system comes equipped with a 120dB alarm that will definitely alert you when someone tampers with the door. This will be sure to wake you as well as scare the assailant away. You can also adjust the alarm, which will pick up even the slightest of disturbances on the door.

4. Extreme survival kit

From looking at the list of defensive items above, they each have their strengths where they can operate at an optimum level. However, on their own, these items, while effective, lack in one or more areas. This means to get the best; you can combine them, and come up with the ultimate security measure for any lady out there.

For instance, while you can’t use the super door stop alarm outside, you can complement it with a pepper spray or a stun gun. This, in large, is what led to the extreme survival kit that you can have with you, and you will feel safer than ever before.

This xtreme urban survival kit comes with;

· A super door stop alarm

· A 20 million volt Spike stun gun

· Wildfire Sticky pepper gel

With these items, you can be sure your door alarm kit will protect you, on the streets, and in your house. Moreover, these products are not only effective, practical, and easy to use, you can also order your xtreme urban survival kit today, either for you or to simply gift any woman you know.

Once you do make your order, you can now rest easy, knowing the quality of these products will get to you just as advertised. This is mainly because these products are made with customer satisfaction at the back of everyone’s mind. This fete has earned the firm a 12-year long-standing membership at the Missouri Better Business Bureau with A+ rating.

The only thing to make this deal sweeter is an amazing offer, which you totally get in the form of a discount code. Once you make the purchase, you can enjoy free shipping. That’s right, free shipping with the right purchase will safeguard you at all times.

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