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Simple Security Monitoring For Simple Folks

My better half and I manage a small convenience store located in the heart of New York City. It’s not something like the bigger, “brand name” convenience stores. It is only a small corner shop that is family-run and has been that way ever since my pops started it.

When we began having troubles with shoplifters, we decided that we needed to find a high-tech solution. The problem was that neither of us was technically knowledgeable so we went for the most basic solution and purchased an all-in-one 4 channel wired DVR complete system.

A surveillance system is a complete setup that include several cameras, a multi-channel DVR and all the accessories you would need to start doing surveillance, right out of the box. This saved us the trouble of finding and acquiring these gadgets one by one.

The system that we purchased was a small, 4-channel system intended for homes and small stores. It included 4 day-and-night bullet cameras, an embedded 4-channel DVR, 4 sets of 100-foot cable spools, and a 17-inch LCD display.

An embedded DVR does not need a computer to operate. All the features that you need to have are embedded into the software itself. Video is kept to a built-in hard disk so there is simply no need to manage dozens of videotapes.

The included bullet cameras are smaller and less difficult to place as compared to regular-sized security cameras. Moreover, they’re also harder for clients to spot. They automatically switch from color recording to black-and-white recording in low-light conditions.

Because they are wired cameras, they could be connected to a constant power supply, hence saving us the hassle of changing and charging batteries. These included a total of 400 feet of cable included in the packaging, that was good enough to get us started.

We obtained our 4 channel wired DVR complete system at a wonderful price given that we obtained everything in a bundle as opposed to separately. Today, we can relax understanding that we will be able to apprehend future shoplifters.

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