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Single Mom Protection | Xtreme Urban Survival Kit

Xtreme Urban Survival Kit with 2 ounce wildfire pepper gel, black spike 20 million volt rechargeable stun gun and 125 decibel super door stop alarm

Single Mom Protection | Xtreme Urban Survival Kit

Violence against girls and women is rampant nowadays. Facts indicate that 35% of women globally have either been physically or sexually violated by a partner or non-partner. It is even worse for those living in disaster and conflict-affected areas. Unfortunately, the consequences are lasting and devastating. The affected girls or women undergo health, psychological, and social pains and traumas when abused or attacked.

As a single mom, vulnerability is not only for you but also for your kids. Attackers also find it easy to attack a single mother because she has no one to protect her and the kids. Some violators go ahead and break into the homes of such parents. It is the reason you shall get enlightened about the Xtreme Urban Survival kit for single mom protection, including girls and other female persons in this article.

Xtreme Urban Survival Kit

Thanks to the spread of information, many people are now aware of women’s vulnerability and insecurity and are coming with measures to help curb the situation. The manufacturers have also joined the train and are creating excellent devices ideal for women or girls to protect themselves in times of danger. One of the best gadgets on the market today is the Xtreme Urban Survival Kit. As a single mom protection kit, it comes with the following things essential for defense in case of an attack;

  • One Spike Stun Gun 20 Million Volt
  • One Wildfire 1.4% MC oz Sticky Pepper Gel
  • One Super Door Stop Alarm

Whether you are a single mum, female student, or elderly lady, you need personal protection. Don’t wait until something terrible happens to you to take action. Men should also help women take precautions by buying them such protection devices. The following are details of the above things found in this survival kit.

a) Spike Stun Gun 20 Million Volt

It gets made using high-technology for optimal safety. With 20 million volts, it contains enough force to surprise and bar your enemy from attacking you. What’s impressive is that this device is easy to carry around. You can keep it your handbag or slip it inside your pockets because of its small size. More so, no one can hardly notice it because it comes as the size of your hand.

You may think that it’s hard to hold because of its size but are wrong. The Spike Stun Gun 20 Million Volt comes designed for a firm and more comfortable grab. It is also difficult for anyone to discover that it’s a safety weapon because the design does not give a clue. The manufacturer did an excellent job of concealing its identity.

You may remove it to protect yourself or hold it, and the offender may not feel threatened because she or he may not know what it is. It makes it better because the attacker may be quick to defend themselves when he realizes that you’re holding a weapon. But with this Spike Stun Gun, they get caught by surprise!

The device is handy. Despite emitting too much force, its two spikes transmit the voltage to the attacker. The result is massive pain that paralyzes the attacker immediately. As the attacker tries to recollect himself or herself, you get time to run away and ask for help. It is the reason it ranks high as one of the top single mom protection devices.

What you’ll love about this Stun Gun is its easy operation. Thanks to its rubber coating, you get to enjoy a comfortable and non-slip grip. After gripping it correctly, the triggering button will rest discreetly on your palm. Activate it by pushing your palm, which will trigger the activation button.

Immediately you activate this device, it will produce a loud sound that helps in scaring the attacker and calling for attention for people to help. If the attacker does back off because of the sound, go ahead and use it on their weakest points. For example, under the rib cage, and on the upper shoulders or hips. The Spike Stun Gun comes with a USB charger and nylon belt holster. More so, you get guaranteed value for your money attributed to its lifetime warranty.

b) Wildfire Sticky Pepper Gel

If there’s something hot, it’s the Wildfire Pepper Gel! With 1.4% Major Capsaicinoids (MC), this product is the hottest today, making it the best for any single mom protection. The pain caused by this device is unbearable. Once you spray the attacker with this pepper gel, his or her mucous membranes swell, attributed to the 10% oleoresin capsicum used in making this gel. As a result, the attacker finds it difficult to breathe, and his or her eye veins begin to swell, making the eyes close.

Surprisingly, the effects of this Wildfire Pepper lasts for 45 minutes! Because 2 million SHU raw pepper get used in its making, the effects do not last long or cause permanent damage. The best part of this product is that it contains a UV dye that helps identify the attacker. When sprayed on the assailant, it acts like glue. When the attacker tries to rub or wipe it away, the glue pepper permeates the skin, leaving the assailant in massive pain.

Because it is a spray, you may worry about it spreading to other people who are not the target, but no need to worry. The manufacturer designed it to spray only in the directed direction without spreading all over. So you need not worry about using it indoors. You can use it in your car, home, camping, and other places. It also sprays a long distance, meaning you don’t have to wait for your attacker to come close to execute. You can use it even while quite apart.

Its safety is optimal since it does not contaminate or catch fire. If someone attacks you near the fire, you get to use it comfortably without fear of starting a large fire. If you care about your sister, aunt, grandmother, mom, daughter, every girl, and single mom protection, you should buy them the Wildfire Glue Pepper. It can turn out to be the best gift ever!

c) Super Door Stop Alarm

It is another excellent device for single mom protection. Home intrusion is not new to most single mothers and women. Assailants find it easy to attack women who live alone or with only their children because they are weak. Most intrude their homes and sexual assault them, among other things, which not only leave them traumatized but can make them pregnant or infect them with sexually transmitted diseases. It is the reason there’s a need for every woman, girl, and single mom protection, and this door wedge alarm plays an essential role.

The super Door Stop Alarm restricts the door from getting opened and acts as an alarm. It comes with a 120db alarm that will sound when the door gets touched, or anyone tries to open it. When the pressure from the door’s stop plate gets released, the alarm stops. What’s impressive is that this door stop alarm comes with a movement sensor that contains an adjustable sensitivity. If anyone decides to tamper with this alarm, it gets activated.

Operating the Super Door Stop alarm is not rocket science, as many may think. It comes with an On and Off switch at its back. You only need to switch it as you please. The indicator light uses a low battery and helps you identify if the alarm is on or off. Though this door alarm gets designed to use a 9-volt battery, it is usually not included in the package. You will have to buy it separately.

The Xtreme Urban Survival kit is ideal for every single mom protection and all women and girls. This battle is not only for the females, but the men as well. You may wonder why men should get involved in women’s safety. Women, single mothers, or girls call these men either dads, brothers, grandpa, uncle, or friend. Would you allow your sister, friend, aunt, grandmother, daughter, or mother to undergo the ordeal of an attacker? Then take action and ensure they get well protected by getting them this Xtreme Urban Survival Kit

Prevention is better than cure; don’t wait until it’s too late to get yourself protected. It is always good to take the initiative to protect yourself as a single mother or woman. Also, play a part in single mom protection sensitization to help other mothers defend themselves in danger. Besides, this survival kit is also ideal to use in many different places like street crime. It is an essential kit to own for any woman or man.


As illustrated above, single mothers, women, and girls are always vulnerable to attackers because of their weak nature. It is, therefore, crucial to advocate for every woman, girl, and single mom protection. As discussed above, the Xtreme Urban Survival Kit comes in handy as a protection tool. All the female should take the initiative to get themselves one before anything happens to them.

The men should also contribute to ensuring every female, regardless of age, get protection. One of the best ways men can help is by purchasing the Xtreme Urban Survival Kit for females attached to them in any way. Giving them as a gift could be the best way. Otherwise, as a single mother, do not feel insecure. Get yourself the Xtreme Urban Survival Kit, the best single mom protection kit on the market today!






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