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Solution How To Monitor Your Company Even When Your Out Of The Office

16 Channel Wired DVR Complete System

Technologies today offer an easy solution how to monitor your company even when your out of the office.

As soon as I started my software company I wanted a place in which anyone could work pleasantly. I even permitted pet dogs for crying out loud. However I also wanted a 16 camera surveillance system for the warehouse-sized workplace that we had.

My security office said to me that surveillance cams were developed to monitor activities and people inside any location. These were helpful for businesses such as mine because with them I could watch my personnel even during my absence.

He explained that a monitoring camera system would be for more helpful for the company since I could save a lot of time as well as money in case I did not buy security devices piece by piece. As a package it would currently have a number of video cameras a multi-channel DVR and also the necessary accessories to do surveillance.

On the internet we discovered a monitoring video camera setup that includes a standalone 16-channel dvr 16 day/night color wired digital cameras matching 100-foot video cables as well as a 19-inch widescreen LCD screen.

It seemed to be a dependable system that you ought to get in case you desired to monitor different areas of the large vicinity all at once. If you were on the move you could use your smart phones like Android iPhone and Blackberry to connect with the system in order to watch the video footage.

Thus I did buy this 16 channel wired DVR complete surveillance system. Its sixteen wired video cameras benefit from a continuous source of energy once plugged in for them to work.

This kind of security camera packages has day/night cameras that allow 24-hour monitoring. Its embedded dvr lets you view the live feed through the internet and even play that back after the recording.

Through our 16 camera surveillance system I can monitor the workplace and control any situation in the office warehouse effectively. I can settle things even if it only involves anxious dogs or sleepy personnel.

Often by searching online, you’ll discover surveillance equipment with an embedded dvr is best with professional security cameras.

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